A Is For Authority (Sounds Like An Episode Of Sesame Street)

A is for AuthorityThere are lots of aims and goals attached to blogging but one of the prime motivations is to show that the blog or the owner of the blog is an authority on the topic.

An authority is effectively an expert on the topic and the blogging platform gives the organization or individual a place to showcase this expertize. On a blog you can pretty much write whatever you want but if you want to be seen as an authority or expert, posts have to relate back to the topic.

It’s no good writing about what you had for breakfast or what your pet did over the weekend, unless, of course, you can relate it back to your topic of expertize (in fact, I would argue that this is a good way to showcase your expertize but I’ll get onto that later).

If you look at many commercial websites that have a blog, quite often the blog is an informal way to talk about the industry they are in.

For instance, I am an affiliate for a costume site and they have a blog.

The blog tends to talk about the latest costumes and when they are going to be released. It also talks about events that have inspired a costume – for instance the coming presidential election has inspired a few costume ideas. New movies usually inspire costumes so a blog post will often talk about the new movie. They also have posts about the events that inspire people to wear a costume – the obvious occasion is Halloween but more unusual occasions are Cinco De Mayo, Mardi Gras and even the 4 of July.

The point of the blog posts is that they relate these news items and events back to their field of expertize – costumes. This gives them authority in the niche of costumes.

As an individual blogging about a certain topic, to develop authority and influence in that topic , you need to :

Stand Out From The Crowd

The chances are, especially if you are in the internet marketing niche, that there are thousands of blogs talking about your topic of interest. You don’t want your blog to get lost in the cacophony of noise – you want it to stand out and stand tall. How do you do this ?

Well, you have to inject a bit of your personality into the blog.

You can do this with your writing style.

You can do this with the look of the blog – the design.

You can do this by talking about what is going on in your life relevant to the topic of interest.

So if you are in the internet marketing niche, you could talk about a conference you went to.

You see blogs where people have attended a conference and have their picture taken with a “guru” or doing something silly in between a seminar. You might think this is a bit played out now, but people love looking at pictures.

Create Trust in your readers

You want to get to the stage where readers come back to your blog because they trust you – this means trusting your opinion on the topic of interest. The only way of can see this developing is by writing about the topic in a way that is engaging.

Over time, people will see that you have earned your stripes or paid or dues or whatever phrase you want to use. Moreover, people coming to your blog for the first time will see that you  have a huge history of blog posts.

This will create trust. If internet years are like dog years – 7 to 1 of our years then a blog that has content for 5 years is 35 years old. This creates great trust, especially as not many blogs last over a few years.

Demonstrate expertize

Demonstrate expertize and relevance in your posts. For instance, when the Google slaps occurred this year – Penguin and the rest – lots of people started blogging about it.

This was a chance to show some expertize in a relevant topic that was affecting people in the industry. A person that had a solution or at least sounded on the money (as nobody seemed to have a solution) could demonstrate authority.

So your posts should demonstrate that you know your stuff.

Authority is not something that you can manufacture overnight. You have to work at it by filling your blog with content and also getting the word out that your blog is an authority. So some promotion is necessary – using social media is a good way to do this, as is writing guest blogs.

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