A-Z Blogging Challenge – End Of Week 3

Well, I’m at the end of the third week and it seems to be flying by. I quite enjoyed writing the articles this week and I think the more you write the easier it becomes. This is a piece of advice that most professional writers and bloggers always advise for people just starting out – write and write and write. Find your voice…writing is a way to find out what you are really trying to say.

Just get it out on the page and then edit it afterward. Don’t worry about spelling mistakes or grammatical errors, this just slows your thinking down. Get your thoughts out onto the page as fast as you can think them. Even if they aren’t properly formed.

The second read through will pick up the errors and set the article right. And it actually feels good to get your thoughts out on page – like a cathartic experience if you will, without sounding too grandiloquent.

I only have about 7 letters left in the alphabet and then it is on to one post a day.

I made a couple of decisions about the article writing this week that I will take forward to all my future posts.

The first was that I would record the day to day things that I am doing to make my internet marketing business work. This could be what I am thinking about my business or even what I am doing.

I guess I have kind of been doing this already, but now it won’t be as censored. I will talk about things that I trying to do even if they don’t work – I will be more real time about what I am doing on the blog.

Like I say, I think you can only work out your theme or what you want to say in writing but doing it and I think this is why I am arriving at this kind of decision. I know what I my blog is about for the first time.

The second was that I would try to make the articles as good as I could make them. I hope the articles will stand the test of time. If I was to read them in 18 months time, I would say, “oh, that was when I was trying to crank out two articles a day…that’s why they kind of suck”.

No, I want to be able to look back on them and see where I was in my internet business and what I was thinking. It’s not just a diary as such but an education for me primarily and maybe for people that choose to read it.

The other day, I did an article about niche markets that was close to a thousand words. I think it was pretty good and I think if someone read it they would really know what a niche market was. It would help them. Moreover, it kind of sets in stone my thinking on the topic which I can look back on.

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  • Kevin on June 9, 2012

    It has been interesting to see how your writing had changed over the last few weeks as well. I think that the posts from this week have been higher in quality than the week before as well. It’s kinda cool how a lot of writing problems, like not knowing what your blog is about, can be resolved by just writing and writing. Eventually your voice emerges. Keep up the good work, looking forward to the next 7 letters.

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