A-Z Blogging Challenge – End Of Week 4

a-z finished - blogging challenge end of week 4Wow, how time flies when you are cranking out two articles a day for your blog. I can’t believe 4 weeks have come and gone so quickly and I’ve reached the first milestone in this challenge. I have completed the A-Z articles so now I just have to write one article a day for the next month or so.

Writing the A-Z articles weren’t that hard with hindsight. I decided on a theme to write about and then wrote the letters of the alphabet on a page. Then I brainstormed anything I could think of within the theme for each letter.

It took about 20 minutes and I ended up having more than one word for some letters.

For instance, the general theme was blogging and how to make your blog an authority site. For the letter P, I had :

products/product creation/pictures/procrastination/posting/plugins/podcasts

In the end I wrote something on Product Creation as that is what I am focusing on at the moment. I tried to write about things I was actually doing rather than theory and things that I didn’t really know much about. So Podcasts was out. I felt it would add more value to the posts and sound more authentic.

So the next part of the challenge is to write 34 articles over the next 34 days (including this one…I’m kind of cheating I know).

I’m not sure what I’ll be writing about.

I might use some of the words that I jotted down in the previous exercise or I might write an article based on what I have learned during the day s I work on my business.

If I pick a word from my brainstorming exercise I will probably write it first thing but I don’t think it will be as genuine as something that is based on what I am actually doing. The only problem with the second approach is that inspiration might not strike or I might be fed up of writing at the end of the day.

Oh well, time will tell. I favor the second approach as it will probably help me understand things more but in reality I’ll probably mix and match.

Is all this writing working ?

In a word, no.

I haven’t seen any dramatic rise in traffic. In fact most of the traffic comes from other websites where I make a comment.

There are a few more natural search visitors coming but for such obscure keywords that it makes you wonder. I’ve certainly not done any traditional keyword research for any articles and I haven’t optimized the articles using All-in-one-SEO. I’m trying to factor in the recent Penguin changes so the on site SEO is down to a minimum.

Traffic is on the rise I guess but not as fast as I was hoping.

6 Responses to “A-Z Blogging Challenge – End Of Week 4”

  • Kevin on June 16, 2012

    I was wondering how this was affecting your traffic. Do you post these articles in other places, such as article directories or other submission sites or just your website? Are you just depending on google for traffic or are there other ways you are getting traffic?

    • admin on June 16, 2012

      I bookmark some of the posts with onlywire and socialadr. I also comment on a few blogs here and there.

  • Gerald on June 16, 2012

    Hi Adrian, wow I must congratulate you on all the writing you have been doing. I post once a week and sometimes find that challenging. I often get ideas for articles when I visit other blogs. I will then write a unique article from a different angle and add different ideas.

    Keep well,

    • admin on June 17, 2012

      Hi Gerald, I agree that reading other peoples blogs can spark a few ideas for your own posts. I do that as well but I try to personalize it in some way or draw on my own experiences so that the information comes across as original.

  • Ric Steiner on June 21, 2012

    I really appreciate the honest feedback on the traffic. I seem to fit your main source because I got here from your comment on my blog.

    I agree with Gerald congrats on the writing volume. I’d say my biggest challenge is finding the topic also. I don’t mind the writing once I figure out what to write about. I like your A-Z brainstorm. It may not be new to others but it is new to me. I’ll be trying it as soon as I hit submit.

    • admin on June 21, 2012

      The traffic might not be good at the moment but I am committed to making it work so it’s just a matter of time….of course time is a pretty valuable resource but what else am I going to do with it…watch TV ?

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