A-Z Blogging Challenge End Of Week 6 – Rant Week

End of week 6 of the blogging challenge and I must say the article writing is not so bad now. It’s quite easy to write an article a day and get on with other things after that. I try to round out the week by talking about the articles I wrote for the week and the general theme of the week. If anything, this week was a bit of a rant week – well 2 rants and some other stuff anyhow.

The rants where about how there are more and more offers coming out about how to beat the recent changes to the Google algorithm. All these products are coming out saying I got to the top, I beat the bear or the seabird or whatever catchy sort of phrase they can come up with.

Whilst this is all good and well, this is not a solution to a stable business, it’s just another work around until the next big change comes along. Don’t fall for the reassurances and certainty that all these new seo courses offer. They are just selling courses and that is the bottom line. The certainty they appear to give out is BS. The lesson you should have taken from the recent Google changes are not to rely on Google for all your traffic.

You should now be thinking about how to rely less on Google using other traffic sources. Or developing a new business model that allows you to move away from Google reliance.

The second mini rant was on information overload. The gist of it was that just because you can gorge yourself in information doesn’t mean you are doing yourself any good.

To keep the food analogy going,  get all the nutrition you can out of a piece of information before moving onto something else. In other words use information rather than tossing it away after a couple of bites. Don’t become an information collector.

But just like someone on a food diet, someone on an information diet has to be disciplined too. Try to stay focused on one topic and get it down before moving onto something else.

Look at the changes that have occurred in the food industry in the past 20 years. Food Companies and food purveyors have been criticized for the levels of influence and persuasion they have on people, especially children to eat their foods. People have even sued companies for making them unhealthy.

I wonder if we will ever see the day that people do the same thing about information. In other words the sellers of the information have to be more clear about what the person will get or become by absorbing the information. I guess this is already happening to some extent.

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