A-Z Blogging Challenge End Of Week 7 – The Finish Line Is In Sight

So, I think it’s about two weeks to go to the end of my blogging challenge and the routine of writing has been a good one I think. I don’t think I’ll post as frequently after the challenge but it has certainly made me think about how to organize, plan and write for a blog on a daily basis.

I now plan my posts or the topics a week ahead of schedule. I’m even writing a few posts days before posting them which frees up my time and lets me concentrate on other things.

I also think my blog is looking more professional. Many of the subjects or topics of individual blog posts are about things I do to improve the blog so the challenge has helped me to focus on things that I need to do to get the blog looking good. Still a long way to go but it’s moving in the right direction.

Highlights Of The Week

I went on a simultaneous call to action and infographics learning curve this week.

Two posts covered an important part of all copy – the call to action. The first post was from the point of view of text on a sales page or affiliate review site.

The second post was more to do with email marketing call to actions and featured my first infographic on the site.

Infographics are a relatively new way to present information. When the recent Google changes struck a few months ago, infographics were cited as a way to present epic content and also get natural backlinks.

Infographics allow people to skim their information which is a common way to read on the internet….they also have bright colors and pictures which makes a change from whitespace and black text. This makes for a great piece of content to share and as they are quite hard to create are very viral in nature.

People are happy to present the graphic on their sites with an all important backlink….this is good SEO or backlink creating in Google’s eyes and totally legitimate.

I hope to create my own inforgraphic in the not too distant future after reading some excellent how to’s on creating them. As I say, it’s seems like a lot of work but it could be worth it if your work goes viral.

Posting infographics on your site is also an example of content curation, which is another activity that more or less gets the thumbs up from Google (nothing is ever clear cut with Google) provided it is done right.

Content curation is another “new” thing which I will be learning more about in the coming weeks. At this stage, it looks to me like auto-blogging with a bit of annotation round the edges but time will tell.

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