A-Z Blogging Challenge End Of Week 8 – One Week To Go

A-Z Blogging Challenge End Of Week 8 – One Week To GoWith the Olympics just around the corner my marathon is drawing to a close. I’m entering the stadium now and have to do one lap of the track before the finish line. I can hear the crowd cheering and, to be honest, it’s not so hard blogging everyday but I’m ready for the finish. I need to move on to other things now. I’m still going to blog…manage twice a week I’m thinking at this stage….but I want to concentrate on other things now.

I’ve read heaps about blogging and learned a lot of things in this time. It’s true that your blog evolves not only in it’s content but also in it’s functionality and effectiveness.

Little things like having all the right buttons on the blog but not too many to distract the reader.

Or having a thank you page when someone makes a comment on the blog for the first time.

Even sending out a reply email to a blog commenter.

These things can be read about but to actually do them means you have to do the work. They are finicky and don’t really seem that important but your blog is so much more better for them.

And there’s always another little finicky thing to add on.

A blog is always a work in progress it seems.

Another thing that I have noticed is that I’m thinking more about what my blog is about – the unique angle of the blog – what makes it special.

Again, this is another thing that, for me anyway, is hard to get right straight out of the gate. I am finding out what my blog is about – what makes it special. This is something you can only really progress with if you work on the blog and spend the time thinking about it. Well, for me anyway.

It would be nice to think that I had a long term strategic vision of what I wanted to achieve and could plan everything back from there but I don’t. I’m learning about it as I go. I have some numerical indicators that I want to hit but as for the character of the blog and the intellectual property, it’s kind of a creative process.

In terms of the articles this week, there seems to be a mix of how to’s and a few editorial or rant type posts.

One thing I have noticed about the few blogs I read each day is that most seem to turn many of their blog posts into a book which is either sold or given away as an ethical bribe to get on a list. So many of the how to articles have a dual purpose.

They demonstrate know how to your blog readers but are also a piece meal way to create a product. Writing a book from soup to nuts can be hard so this is an easier way to go about it without losing motivation half way through.

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