A-Z Blogging Challenge Wrap Up – I Did It !

A-Z blogging challenge Wrap Up

I did It...time to party !

So this is the last article of my A-Z blogging Challenge. And it has been a challenge, especially in this last week when my motivation has ebbed quite a bit.

The main reason for my lack of motivation is that I’ve not really hit the goal that was set. The idea was to get your Alexa ranking down. Alexa ranking is a pretty clumsy way to measure how much traffic a website is getting. It’s pretty inaccurate for telling how much traffic you get especially when the website is over 100,000 but it is a good way to get a before and after number for the website.

My website started out with a 1.7 million Alexa rating and has ended around 1.1 million. So not that much really. I hoped to at least get it under 1 million.

I sort of know where I went wrong or rather what I could have done better.

I needed to promote it more.

I did some social bookmarking and heaps of blog commenting. I sent off some guest blog posts but they still haven’t been published.

Basically promotion, promotion, promotion but it’s a little different from say a niche blog or a website that sells physical products. I certainly wouldn’t spin articles and send a spintax type article to hundreds of article directories. The type of promotion needed is more about making links with real people in the industry. Which can’t really be automated.

This blog is about internet marketing and I am trying to become an authority in the niche (or at least a person of interest as the police might say ;) ).

Also I think that ranking this type of blog in the search engines is a secondary concern. The main focus with a blog like this is to develop a following. People that want to read what you have to say. Or connections in the industry that want to link to your posts.

Again this takes time and can’t be rushed.

Anyhow, I managed to complete the challenge which is something to be proud of, especially since the content over the time is as good and authentic as I could make it.

I have learned a few lessons from it too.

The blog will continue and I’ll certainly be posting more content but I don’t think it will be a daily schedule. I’ll try to post 2-3 times a week. This will also give me more chance to do “real” work which hopefully will inspire more ideas for this blog.


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  • Clare on July 24, 2012

    Hi Adrian,

    Well done on blogging every day and finishing the goal you set yourself. I think we all struggle with staying focused and positive when there are not many tangible results. I think that you should be proud that you Alexa ranking is what it is.

    You know what though? If you do lots of STRATEGIC work, then the traffic will come. Work smarter, not harder. I think its brilliant you have so many great posts on here so that when new people come, they can have a good look around. Why not make a post about your most read posts, I have seen other bloggers do that and it’s a nice way to welcome new visitors. :-)

    I’m going to send you an email, :-) All the best, Clare x

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