Blogging Challenge End Of Week Two Update

Blogging Challenge - End of week 2So the second week of the A-Z Blog challenge is over for me and I think it was a lot easier than the first week. I seemed to be able to write far more content than last week and it just seemed to flow. I think this is partly down to getting into the habit of writing. I also think the quality of the posts is better than the first week too.

I even managed to write a few posts for future letters meaning that I will complete the daily blog posting quicker than before. This is and was my only gripe about the challenge. It is taking too much of my time and other things are suffering because of it.

This is something that I need to address. One way would be to just write for a day and get as many posts as I can written. This works with the regular letter posts but the other posts need a bit of inspiration to strike before I can start writing  them. So it’s a problem.

Posting can also take some time as finding a picture is often difficult. More often than not I end up looking in wikipedia but I’ve found a few other places were you can get photos – looking in Google Advanced Images is a good idea. Select the Usage Rights as free to use or share even commercially. You may still have to attribute the original owner of the image.

Some others places to find images are :  (the picture above comes from this site)  

Where do you find free images ? Or what site do you use that isn’t free ?

I still have another two weeks to go of the two posts a day part of the challenge. Once that is completed, hopefully things will get even easier and I’ll be able to get into a more productive routine.

I’m still a bit disappointed with the traffic that all this writing has produced. I’m only getting a trickle of traffic which can be pretty demoralizing after a while.

To be fair, I have only bookmarked a few of the posts and bookmarking is the only traffic getting strategy I have employed so far. I am thinking about doing some guest blogging and getting more serious with the social bookmarking in the next few weeks. This will mean joining a few subscription services – Onlywire, Socialar and even Imautomator.

I may even do some standard article marketing too if I get the time.

I haven’t really promoted the site as yet as I just wanted to see what would happen when plenty of content is published without any promotion. This is the pure way of doing things. In a perfect world we wouldn’t have to build back links. This is how Google wished the world worked.

So far my results have been pretty ordinary to say the least.

Maybe if my blog was an authority or the keywords were pretty obscure I might be doing better.


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