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Content Is King

Tonight I'm Going to Write Edward VII !

As we all know, content is a male person who leads a monarchy. You need to produce plenty of it and be consistent with your posting to be perceived as an authority and also to rank in Google and the other search engines. But eventually you will run out of things to say. So what next ? Here are a few writing ideas to keep your blog ticking over with fresh content.

Aim Of Content

Again, this really depends on the goal of your blog. If it is a blog that reviews physical products as an affiliate then it will differ considerably from one that is trying to establish you as an authority in your niche.

For the purposes of this article, we are assuming that the content is written to achieve the latter goal.

When you are writing content to brand yourself as an authority in your niche, you have to let your personality shine through. You also have to show that you are really doing what you are talking or writing about.

Quite a few people do this by providing monthly income updates each month. Personally I don’t feel comfortable giving this information out. I know it is effective as I’m as intrigued as the next person to see what Pat Flynn (for instance) is making each month but somehow it doesn’t sit well with me.

By blogging in this way, you stand out from generic blogs that seem to be written by people that don’t really know the subject matter. You also gain credibility because they can see that you know what you are talking about.

Types Of Content

Personal Posts

The aim of personal posts is to show that you are human and get your story out. The charm of soap operas and, more recently, reality TV shows is that people love to live their lives through other people. If people grasp your story they will be fans of your blog. They will be regular readers and may even interact with the blog. What’s more, they will see you as an authority in your niche.

There are various types of personal posts.

One could be as simple as what you do outside of the niche. This gives people more of an insight into who you are. You don’t want to overdo this type of post and turn the blog into a diary.

A personal experience within your niche is another form of post. This has two benefits. Firstly, your reader will learn from your experience. And secondly, it will give proof that you know your stuff and work in the niche. It’s like your school of hard knocks post – it gives you credibility.

Opinion Posts are another way of showing your personality. Having a forthright opinion is a way to give you authority in your niche of choice. Most people aren’t game enough to give their opinion or don’t have one. Of course, don’t give an opinion if you don’t believe that opinion or haven’t thought it through.

List Posts

List posts are an easy format to write. They also make for great headlines that people respond to. People love lists because they are so easy to read. If a regular post is like a 3 course meal where you have to go through the entree, main and dessert in a set order, a list post is like a tapas meal where you can pick and choose what you want.

A form of list post is a link post which simply links to other great blogs or important articles in your niche. This form of post is showing that you know who or what is important in your niche and gives you more credibility.

Review Posts

Review a product in your niche. I would suggest you always have the product before you review it, and even better use it. Only by using it can you really provide insight into the product and come across as an expert. This is not always possible, especially in the internet marketing niche, where new product launches and warrior special offers are hitting the shelves every day but be selective with the products you review.

A review post can tie in well with an interview post. By interviewing the creator of a new product you will have more credibility than someone who just writes a normal review.

Event Posts

Event posts are like personal news announcements. Examples could be that you are holding a webinar, hosting a JV giveaway or releasing a product. It could even be a contest to win something on your blog for submitting the best comment.

You can build suspense by announcing that something special is coming in the next few months and slowly release more and more details on what is about to happen. Event posts can be a series of posts building to the release date. By that stage, hopefully, your visitors are in a frenzy of excitement and may spread the word or interact with the blog.

Topical Posts

Topical posts are general news events. If you can tie in a post to a recent event there is a good chance that it may get recognized by people that don’t normally read your blog. Sporting events are always a good topical event to tag your message onto.

Getting Out Of Your Comfort Zone

Video Posts

A video post can be a series of slides or a screen recording with you talking over the top. This type of video is ideal for teaching a technique or method in your niche.

Another form of video is talking directly to the screen. This methods scares a lot of people because it brings up their insecurities about the way they look or sound. I don’t feel too comfortable in front of the screen but I know it is something that I have to face at some stage.

This type of video could be as simple as talking about a personal experience or giving an opinion. And just like a personal or opinion post, it gives your blog visitors more of an insight into you as a person. It can be extremely powerful because not many people will do this form of post.

Interview Posts

Interviewing an expert in your niche is a great way to build authority and credibility for you and your blog. It could also open up opportunities to collaborate with the people you interview. When you know all the experts in your niche, it’s fair to say that you are an expert in your niche or certainly have a good understanding of it.

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