E-Mail Marketing – Forget The Formula And Be Yourself

email marketingEmail marketing is one way to monetize a blog. In fact, it’s the principal way to monetize a blog according to most people that teach blogging. You email people offering your own products and services or act as an affiliate and offer other peoples products and services. If some of the people you email buy the said products and services you make some money. It sounds simply but there’s a lot more to it than that.

It Started With A List, Never Knew It Would Come To This

Before you can do any email marketing, you need to get a list of people that have agreed to let you send emails to them. This is a subject in it’s own right and there are hundreds of courses about list building.

There are 16 ways that I know of to build a list but the first one to start with is to offer a free gift in exchange for a persons email address. The gift doesn’t have to be anything fancy like a mug of hot chocolate with a marshmallow on top for instance. It’s usually an ebook or ecourse that is delivered to their email id.

In order to get the free gift they have to opt into your list. The best way to offer the free gift is on your blog. You could also run a free Warrior Special offer that offers your free gift. In the free gift you should demonstrate that you know what you are talking about and are someone that the readers should follow. In others words, prime them for your email marketing that follows. Make them interested and anxious to receive follow ups from you.

There is much debate about offering free stuff in exchange for an email id these days, especially in the internet marketing niche.

Free stuff is often perceived as having no value consequently people may never read it so you never make a connection with them.

Giving something away to get an email id is quite a well trodden strategy so people are “blind to it”. They may have a throw away email id that they use to get the freebie and consequently never check it for your follow up messages.

People that receive free products have not proved that they will spend money so could be a poor quality addition to your list if you plan to make money from the list.

With this said, if you can build a big list, you can make a regular income online. A much quoted statistic is that you can make $1/ month for every person on your list if you are good at email marketing. You don’t even have to build a big list provided it is a responsive list and that comes down to the relationship you develop with the list.

Make Email Marketing About The Relationship With Your Subscribers

There are plenty of formulas as far as email marketing goes. There is advice on writing a 7 day autoresponder series where you mention a product in 3 of the 7 emails and provide useful content in the remaining 4. The advice can be as detailed as which emails the product should be mentioned and what kind of informational material to send so that it warms a potential buyer up.

I think there is a bit of a sea change in the way email marketing works where there is more emphasis on providing value rather than think about dollars signs. Consequently these formulas seem to be a bit redundant these days.

Be original with any follow up series. Be yourself. Think about providing value and helping your subscribers.

If you recommend a product, only recommend it because you have used it and seen the value in it.

The main idea behind this more considered approach to email marketing is that you don’t need a lot of people on your list. And you don’t need many of the people on your list to buy based on your recommendations to make a decent income online.

Personally, my email marketing will develop along these lines and I’ll see how it goes.

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