First Week On The A-Z Blogging Challenge – Phew !

So I have managed to complete the first week of the blogging challenge…hip hip hooray…only another 7 weeks to go !

Initially I started off well with plenty of things to say but it’s fair to say I’ve been struggling over the past couple of days.

I think I have enough topics to write about. I’ve already got all the titles for the A-Z posts but it’s the other free form posts that have been a bit of a struggle. I have a few ideas for these too but I end up not being able to produce the quality that I want for some articles.

I’ve been rushing them because I can’t spend so much time on articles. So I end up being unhappy with the outcome. So going forward, I have to be more organized with my research for an article.

It’s not good enough just to have the article title.  I’ll have to get some bullet points down and a general idea of my point of view in the article before writing. At this stage I’m just  projectile vomiting my words onto the screen and I can’t make my point effectively. The articles are polished and I’m not sure what I am trying to say at times.

I knew this would happen.

The challenge is essentially a test of how quantity works post Panda/Penguin updates. I won’t always be writing this kind of quantity so doing it for 2 months should be manageable. I have even said that I may come back to some posts after the challenge to touch them up. Especially reviews which I don’t think are good enough. Of course time will tell.

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