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Guest blogging - submitting guest articles

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Guest blogging is a good way to promote your blog or website. It’s simply the process of looking for blogs, asking if they will accept an article with a link to your site and then submitting the article for approval. A good article on a good blog can get you heaps of human visitors that click through from your link. Likewise, if the blog has a good Page rank (PR), it can also propel your site up in the search engine results, thus getting you more search engine visitors.

Again, depending on the objective of your blog, guest blogging would also promote you the individual as an expert in the niche. If you had a different objective in mind, say you were an affiliate marketer for a product, you would more likely promote the blog as a hub of knowledge on the particular niche rather than you as an individual being the expert.

Guest blogging has been around for a while. James Martell advocated it quite a few years ago as his PAD system. I think he still practices it to this day. Two of his pupils, Paula and Wanda from the see guest blogging as a main part of their website promotion.

Both James and the girls (I don’t think they mind being called the girls) use this method to promote affiliate products. Paula and Wanda in particular are very successful as Amazon affiliates and are very open and transparent about that success. The secret, according to the girls, is quality of on site content and promotional content.

In terms of guest blogging, their advice is pretty straightforward.  

  • Only look for sites in your niche or slightly related. Slightly related might even be better as they won’t see you as a direct competitor. So if your blog was about baby monitors, you could ask to guest blog on a general informational site about babies or even something more focused like baby thermometers.


  • Another rule the girls follow is to only go for blogs with a Page rank of 3 and above.


  • Once, they have a list of 12 or so suitable blogs they will send out individual emails to the blog site owners asking if they would accept an article with 2 or 3 links in it. The point out that the article will be a high standard and unique to their blog. The blog owner is kind of doing you a favor so you have to make it sound attractive to them.


  • If a blog owner accepts, then you write the article or get it outsourced. They point out that you will get far more rejections than acceptances so you need a thick skin and you have to dedicate some time to the process.

Another method that you could use to find blogs and websites that accept articles is to simply do a Google search with your niche + “write for us” or “Guest Blogging” or “guest blog”. When you have seen a few blogs that accept guest articles, you will see they have a tab explaining the guidelines they set for accepting guest articles.

And, of course, since they are effectively advertizing for guest articles, you stand a better chance of getting accepted.

Another method to find blogs that accept guest articles to to look at other personal blogs and see if they have written as a guest at other blogs. Many people will link to all the guest articles they have written, presumably to show that they are an authority in their niche of interest. You simply follow the links and you have a set of blogs that will accept your articles.

Again, these last two methods seem to be more relevant when you are trying to brand yourself as an expert rather than just promoting your affiliate marketing site, but they still work and you can find heaps of blogs like this.

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