Is Your Url Helping Or Hindering People Finding Your Blog Posts ?

You need as many people coming to your site as possible so this means promoting your blog – getting the word out about how good your content is and the products and services available to people. One area of promotion that may often be overlooked by bloggers trying to become an authority in their niche is SEO or search engine optimization. The rationale is that the quality of their content will do the talking but this is not often the case.

Your blog posts might never be found because the URL doesn’t help describe the content.

If this is the case the search engines may find your content but not know where to rank it in their search engines. So you might have a dense and pithy post but it will never rank in Google because the URL is set up wrong.

Here is a quick post on how to set up the URL just right – This is done by changing the permalinks structure.

Note : This is only for WordPress. If you are using another system to create your blog or website, make sure you have the keywords that you want to be ranked for in the url of the webpage you are creating. The next bit that follows shows you how to do this in the WordPress system.

Login to the backend of your WordPress site.

Click on the settings option on the left sidebar menu.

A drop down menu, under the settings menu will open, look for the Permalinks option and click it.

Is your URL harming your blog ?

This opens up the permalinks screen and you will see how the web pages are being displayed.

If you hve just set up the blog, the default option will be selected. This gives the url a number which is rubbish for SEO.

Is your URL harming your blog ?

You want to go down to the customize option and change it like so :


Other options include :

permalinks customize
When you have done this, it will automatically default to the words in the blog post title. This should have your keywords in it, meaning that you will have a better chance of ranking for the keywords you want than before.

If this isn’t sufficient, you can also change how the URL looks when you create a new post or edit an existing one.

You can do this by editing the name box and pressing ok.

permalinks edit


And that’s it. You have ensured that your URL gives you more chance of being found by your readers than lost in the search engine results wasteland.

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