Kick Start Your List Building With A JV Giveaway Or Two

We are all told that building a list is the best way to monetize your efforts as a blogger. And apart from creating products, I believe this to be true. Certainly if you have a responsive list, it’s a fairly reliable and easy way to make money from your efforts.

With this said, what do you do if you don’t have a list or have a small list and want to grow it to a reasonable size. Well the answer is JV Giveaways.

JV stands for Joint Venture and involves a group of people collaborating to create an event that gives stuff away in exchange for an email address (There are some upsells and other ways to monetize a giveaway but this is generally reserved for the person organizing the event). The giveaways are usually some kind of ebook, ecourse or video series.

The Giveaway is often publicized as some kind of special event, like Ken’s Christmas Giveaway or Judy’s Quit Her Day Job Giveaway and so forth. The idea is to make it sound exclusive and unique which might attract more visitors to the event.

Part of the Giveaway and the collaborative efforts is to get traffic or visitors to the event. All the people taking part have to direct traffic to the event. If they have an existing list they can publicize the event to their list. If they don’t have a list, they can get traffic using other methods, like writing articles publicizing the event. Announcing it on their blog or blogs could be another way to get the word out.

The more visitors you can get to the giveaway often determines where you are placed in the list of product being offered.

A typical JV Giveaway is a website that lists all the products on offer. Depending on the number of partners, there could be 50 or even more products. The higher your product is in the list, the more chance it has of being seen by visitors and you getting an email address.

Where your product is listed is often determined by how much traffic you can send to the giveaway. Some events even let people pay money to get a higher listing. The money goes to the organizer of the event. It’s a way for the organizer to make a bit of money but probably isn’t that much considering the extra work he/she has to do.

The organizer has to create the website and contact people to get them on board as a partner. You can buy scripts that make the website (This one works with wordpress and is reasonably priced) and there are networks where you can contact people but it can still be a time consuming process.

Give JV Giveaways A Go

Having been on both sides of Giveaways, I can say that it’s not a fast way to build a list. You will have to join a few to get subscribers. Also, the subscribers are generally freebie seekers so there is no guarantee that they will spend money with you once on your list.

Also, you need a product and be able to send some traffic to the giveaway if you want to take part.

Despite these qualifications, it is a way to build your list that doesn’t cost money in most cases and could suit someone new to list building. Certainly it is worth doing once or twice just to know how it works and get an opinion on the process as a list building technique.

A good site to find up and coming JV Giveaways is

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