Kodak Zi8 Vs Flip Camera – Should You Flick The Flip For The Zi8 ?

Kodak Zi8 vs Flip Ultra HD

Move Over Flip, Here's The Kodak Zi8 Hand Held Camera

As a blogger and/or internet marketer you need to mix up the forms of content you produce. Written content is essential of course but adding audio and video can add another dimension to your blog.  In terms of video content, you can start with power point presentations or recording your computer screen but if you really want to show your personality, you have to get in front of the camera.

Over the past few years, the flip camera has almost been an industry standard for internet marketers/bloggers who want to present more than just screenshots. It is not only easy to make professional or spontaneous “Gonzo” style videos but also easy to get them online. Flip cameras are also very cheap by comparison to an ordinary video camera.

So even though Flip cameras remain popular, I have noticed quite a few video bloggers and internet marketers talking about the Kodak Zi8 as a replacement for the Flip. They are even saying that it is better than the Flip, so I thought I’d look into it.

How Does The Zi8 Compare To The Flip Ultra HD ?

The Zi8 is a hand held HD camera like the Flip HD models. I’d say it’s comparable to the latest Flip UltraHD 8gb in terms of specifications. The Zi8 has an expandable memory card meaning you can store up to 32 gb of data. As far as I know, the Flip is pretty much stuck with the 8 gb that you start with.

But do you really need 32 gb anyway. The whole point of a hand held camera is that you move the captured video off it pretty much the next xhance you get to a computer.

Both cameras can record 16:9 widescreen, HD 720p (1280 x 720) at 60 frames per seconds. This chews up a lot of space but if you only want an hour of footage you should be okay.

Flip Ultra HDBoth cameras have their own battery systems rather than replaceable AA type batteries. The flip camera has it’s own battery charger. You can buy the battery charger for the Zi8 as an extra.

The microphone on the Zi8 is apparently better than the Flip camera which makes it better for off the cuff video making – doing interviews, speaking directly to the camera.

With this said, both systems have a plug for an external microphone. You can pick up an external microphone pretty cheaply so this might be the way to go if you plan to do interviews or talk to the camera yourself.

The Zi8 looks better than the Flip Ultra HD in my opinion. The Ultra HD is a bit boxy looking but this isn’t a big deal. Both cameras are small enough to fit in your pocket or a bag.

The Zi8 has dimensions of 4.5 x 0.9 x 2.4 inches ; 3.8 ounces.

The Flip Ultra HD comes in at 4.2 x 1.2 x 2.2 inches ; 8.8 ounces

You might note that the weight is more for the flip but the only information I could find on the Zi8 is without the battery so I’d say the weights are close enough to be irrelevant.

One thing to note, and this pretty much sways it for me is that Kodak seem to have stopped making the Zi8. You can only get this model from external sources and the price seems to be way over the top for me. The Zi8 goes for $450 plus whereas the Ultra is only $295 on Amazon.

When the Zi8 was first released it was going for around $100. So I think it would have been a great purchase when it first came out and seemed to be supported by Kodak. But now I’m not so sure.

With this said, Flip are bringing out new models so will the Ultra be superseded by a new model in the future. Probably….but it’s still better value than the Zi8 for me at the moment.

Verdict : The Flip Ultra still has it for me.

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