Monetizing Your Blog – Time To Make Money From Your Hard Work

monetize your blogIf you’ve been working on your blog with no financial reward, you have probably thought about the options open to you to make money. You can monetize your blog in two general ways. The first is advertizing on the blog. The second is selling some kind of goods or services via it.

Most people start with advertising as it is easy to get paid. Stick up a banner ad, a text ad or even just a link and you can make a bit of money. How much you make depends on how much traffic your blog is getting and the niche that it is in.

When you are first starting out you are told that a good way to monetize your blog is to put Adsense on it. Adsense is Googles contextual advertising service.

So Google will look at your content and dynamically populate a part of your blog with adverts that should be relevant to the readers of your content. Should a reader click on one of the ads you get a cut of the cost that is charged to the advertiser. Nobody knows what the split is exactly, apart from Google, but the consensus of opinion is that you will get about 40% of the advertising cost.

If you get a lot of traffic and 20% of the traffic is clicking on the ads then you can make a bit of money. Some people make a full time living out of the adsense business model but personally I don’t like it. If you are getting traffic from Google and also getting paid by Google, you are extremely vulnerable to any changes that Google make.

As we all know they are always making changes to the search engine rankings so you have to be on top of that. If you do anything which they deem to be gaming the search engines they can drop you in the rankings or even de-index you.

The Adsense team can also get on your case if they think you are doing something against their terms and conditions. The funny thing with the Adsense team (and Google in general) is that they can call you out for doing something wrong but they won;t tell you what it is.

So even if they warn you that you are violating their T&C they won’t help you solve the issue and their next step will probably be to ban you from the program.

For me, that kind of uncertainty is an awful way to run a business. A better way is to get individual advertisers who are independent of Google. A good way to do this is to look at the people advertising with Google through their Adwords program. You could even just look at the big companies in your niche and send them an email asking if they’d like to advertize with you.

You could also put blank spots on your blog saying something like “Your Ad Here” or “advertize with us”. You could even have an advertisers help page which tells potential advertisers how to get in touch with you and what you offer.

Advertising is a good way to get started but a potentially more lucrative method is to sell products and services, either as an affiliate or your own. The next post will look at these options to monetize your blog.

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