Networking – 6 People You Must Connect With To Succeed In Internet Marketing

If you have selected a niche and aspire to become an authority in it, you have to network or meet people. In other words, you have to make contacts in your industry. The reasons for this should be obvious but here are a few for starters :

  • You will be perceived as more of an authority if you are seen to associate with heavy hitters in your niche. As corny as it might seem, if you can put a photo of yourself next to some “guru” you will be perceived as more of an authority in your niche.


  • More opportunities will come your way if you are talking to people in your niche – joint ventures or even just working for other people.

Here are a few places or people you should be getting noticed by and making contacts with.


Forums are an easy place to get noticed and meet people in your industry. You can develop your image as an authority in a niche just by being a regular poster in a certain forum.

Some of the benefits include people will offer you freebies or ask you to review a new product they are developing. If you release your own product, you can offer it to the forum. Given that you have established a reputation on the forum, they will be more responsive to buying your product.

Stick to one or two maximum so that you don’t spend too much time in the forums and not enough time working on your business.

Get Togethers or Seminars

There are plenty of seminars going on all the time. Many of these events are announced with great fanfare and a rather hefty price tag. Many are just glorified pitch fests whilst some are really beneficial.

I have attended a few. One that was really good was a free Warrior get together event. It was held at a “Guru” house and included many “average joes” just like me but also some heavy hitters. People like James Schramko were there offering all their tips for free.

The event was a chance to connect with these people and also other less successful folks. It was also a chance to see how the “other half lives”. A much quoted saying is that if you hang out with millionaires you will become one. It’s good to see how these successful people conduct themselves and how they run their businesses.

Product Owners

If you have products in a niche, you could contact other product owners to share your product with their list.

You could work together on a new product.

If you are an affiliate marketer, you could get free products for review. You could also get a feel for the person too. For instance, do they see affiliates as a temporary solution to their traffic needs or are they totally dedicated to making their affiliates jobs as easy as possible.

Affiliate managers

If you do any kind of affiliate marketing, you should get in touch with your affiliate manager. They should be there to help you and there willingness to talk to you generally indicates how good their program is.

Apart from how good their affiliate program is, being in touch with your affiliate manger can give you a heads up on new products coming out, new coupons, new events and all that good stuff. This can give you a jump on other affiliate marketers working in the same space.

Also, if you have a relationship with your affiliate marketer, it will be easier to ask for a raise. If your affiliate manager knows you, they will certainly be more responsive when you ask for the raise too.

Other Blog Owners

You should reach out to other blog owners in your niche for all sorts of reasons.

Maybe simply a link exchange or an opportunity to guest post on their blog. It may lead to a long relationship where you develop products and services together. Also, they could be the next up and coming “guru” so get in on the ground floor.


I have been in contact with a few people that would be perceived as “gurus” in the internet marketing niche, and for the most part, if they think you are really trying to change your situation they are willing to help you. That doesn’t mean they are going to give you a free ride but if you have genuine questions and seem to be a genuine person, they will answer them for you.

A first contact could lead to more help, potential joint partnerships or even working alongside them. Learning from people that have done what you want to do is a great tactic for success.

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