Outsourcing – Turn Your Internet Marketing Job Into An Internet Marketing Business

Outsourcing – Turn Your Internet Marketing Job Into An Internet Marketing Business

Turn Your Internet Marketing Into A Business By Leveraging Other People's Time

When you have a good understanding of the skills required to do internet marketing, you want to start thinking about outsourcing. Until you start outsourcing (or at least getting other people to do some of the work required) you don’t have a business. If you are doing everything yourself, you probably just have a very stressful job with not enough hours in the day to get everything done. Outsourcing is about leveraging other peoples time to get more done in your business.

Outsourcing Starts With Out-tasking

Unless you have a large amount of money to invest in your internet business, your outsourcing will probably start as out-tasking.

Out-tasking is simply getting people to do one off tasks in your business. You hire a person to do a job for an agreed fee and that is the extent of the relationship. For most people in internet marketing, this usually means getting articles written or even some graphical work, like a header or an ebook cover. You can also get technical things done but since most people use WordPress it is fairly simple to get a website up.

The best places to find people for one off tasks are places like fiverr. Crowd-sourcing, as it is called, is where you outsource your work to places like fiverr or even more established freelancer sites like elance and odesk.

Fiverr offers the best value in my opinion but is riskier than the other sites. $5 it’s not really too much of a risk I guess but if you have to get work redone it can set you back in time and unnecessary hassle.

I have never used Fiverr or any of the other sites for written content. I have heard good reports about iWriter but have never used them. I used to get most of my content written by people on forums that I visited.

Forums are a great way to find people to write content. Quite often these people are native English speakers and can write good quality articles. In most cases they are just starting out in internet marketing, so to supplement their online income they offer their services as a writer. Consequently you can get some really good deals – 1c or 1.5c per word.

Eventually, you will grow out of out-tasking. You will find that you have so much work that you could employ the one off-ers on a full time basis. This is where out-tasking has it’s drawbacks. As the people you use will be working on other tasks and may not be available.

This sets you back and then you have to find someone else. You have to go through the process of telling them how you want something done, which can also be time consuming.

When you get to this stage, you want to start outsourcing proper.

Proper Outsourcing


Proper Outsourcing Involves Employing Someone Full Time

Proper outsourcing is about having a full time employ or employees.

The Philippines is the place to go for full time outsourcing staff when it comes to internet marketing in my opinion.Most people there have great English speaking skills and you get excellent quality at a very reasonable rate.

Plenty of people agree and you will find all sorts of offers to help you get a Filipino. You can also find all sorts of services that offer you a database of potential employees. Of course all this costs money but it can help you get started.

You can just as easily get started for free if you don’t want to pay. You can advertise of Craigslist or other free Filipino job sites.

When it comes to hiring people, you should live by the motto “be slow to hire and quick to fire”. This might sound a bit callous, but if you are slow to hire, you probably won’t ever have to fire.

Firstly, explain in great detail what your require from your outsourcer (or virtual assistant (VA) as they are commonly known) in your advert. Ask them to send their CV across if they think they are qualified to do the job.

You will probably get plenty of people applying so make sure that you qualify the application by asking them to answer a unusual question or put in a reference number specified in the advert. This will weed out the people that have no attention for detail and agencies that follow up any advert.

When you have a few candidates, you want to interview them using a service like Skype. Many people don’t want to talk to you in this way so this will also weed out people that aren’t serious about the job.

You don’t have to be too formal about the interview process, just tell them what is required of them and then ask what they have done in the past. Other standard interview questions like why do you want the job, what are you doing now, their skill set and things like this.

To be honest, provided their English is good, their skill set is not that important as you will probably be teaching them how you want things done anyhow. You just want to get a feeling for their enthusiasm for the job.

You probably also want to ascertain how they will be working – do they have their own computer and internet set up or will they be working at a friends place or the internet cafe or such like. This is important as they won’t be of much help if they don’t have the tools to do the job.

At some point, you will get an applicant that you think is best. You can contact them and offer the job to them.

Before you hire a full time outsourcer or VA, make sure that you have work lined up for them. And make sure that the work is well explained – step by step instructions. The more help and guidance you give a new employee, they better he/she will be in the long run. Just like in the real world really.

Ideally, you want to turn all the things you do in your business into a series of processes that you can hand over to other people. This may take time and be a work in progress but this will be your best bet if you want outsourcing to work for you.

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