Product Creation – Creating A Great Information Product That Will Wow Your Customers

Product Creation - Creating Great Information Products

Get your Information Product Creation toolbox out !

If you have been blogging away trying to become an authority in your particular niche, the pay off should be that you have the knowledge and confidence to create your own information products in that niche. This is where you want to be. Having your own product to sell can turn blogging from a time consuming hobby into a profitable business. But how do you create a great product that your customers will rave about ?

What is an Information Product ?

To qualify this post, when I say product creation, I actually mean information product creation.

Creating an information product may not always be possible in some niches but in most cases it is.

Information products show people how to do something, how to overcome a problem, how to get better at a certain skill and things like that. The greater the need for a solution, the more chances that the product will be successful.

Information products can also be a reference, list or resource guide that make it quicker or easier for a person to make decisions. These sorts of products are not as compelling as the first type as they don’t solve a problem as such but merely aid a person who already knows the solution to their problem.

Creating Information Products

So the key to creating a good information product is to understand the niche and understand the people in that niche. This means understanding their wants and needs but most importantly understanding their problems.

If you have become an authority in a particular niche, you should have a good understanding of the people in the niche and the kind of problems they are having.

You have written articles on issues within the niche, worked out where all the best sources of information on the niche are and possibly even connected with people interested in that niche. Indeed, the reason you got into the niche in the first place might have been because you had an interest in it.

With this in depth knowledge you should have some ideas on a good information product to create  but you can also do some extra research. This can either confirm your “hunch” or give you more information on the ideas and further insights.

Market Research

If you have built a list of people as part of your blogging endeavors, you could ask them about the problems they are having – kind of like a survey.

If you have a firm idea already, you could simply ask them if they would be interested in this kind of product. This would be more like market research and is a great way to confirm if your product will be a winner before you go through the process of creating it.

If you don’t have a list, you could go to forums that are talking about your niche. You could do the same thing on the forum as you do with your list.

Look for problems that people are having.

Ask if people would be interested in a product that you are creating.

Finding Solutions

When you understand the main problems associated with the idea you have for a product, you need to find the solutions.

I wouldn’t get too worried about this.

You don’t have to have a unique solution that you have painstakingly worked on for years and know is better than everything else out there. Of course it would be great if that was the case but in most cases, you can find solutions just by researching on the internet or reading books in the library.

To reiterate, the more authentic a solution is the better the product will be and you will have more conviction and belief in the product when you come to sell it. But in the real world, many product creators simply research solutions and intertwine them into their own story even in an incidental way.

And for that matter, many consumers of information products will be happy with researched rather than a bespoke solution. Their motivation for wanting the product is that they don’t have the time to do the research themselves. They simply want one source where they can find everything they need.

Putting It Together

Once you have all the problems and solutions around your base idea, it time to turn them into a product.

You can create a written e-book. This should be in pdf format and have good production values. By production values I mean good graphics and a professional looking layout.

Or you can make the product an audio or video product. In most cases, the audio and video versions are the same things as the written report. The audio will just be reading out the written report. The video will be the main points of the report with images and other visual aids to make the information more interesting or accessible.

For the audio, you can use a free product like Audacity. For the video you can use Camstudio or Jing or get the paid version of Jing, Camtasia.

Providing all three formats in one product will really wow a customer.  It will effectively be like delivering three products for the price of one. It will also appeal to people that like to read, listen or watch, which broadens the number of people that might find your product interesting.

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