Publishing Your Blog On Kindle – The K Word

Adding Blog to Kindle We are told to re-purpose our content, be it a blog post, an article or even a product. You know, turn your written text into an audio and video format. This way more people will find it accessible as some  like to read, others like to listen and others like to watch. Taking this one step further, if you want more people to connect with your blog, you want it on more platforms. This way, even if someone doesn’t have a computer they can look at your latest offering via their mobile or cell phone, an iPad or even a kindle e-reader device.

Getting On The Kindle Bandwagon

Kindle is the best selling e-reader on the market and there is a tonne of interest in it at the moment. At present the current interest tends to be creating kindle products (books – fiction and non fiction). Whether you get into this or not, the thing to note is that there is massive potential for growth in this market – so why not get your blog onto it and out there being read by people.

Getting Your Blog On Kindle

To get your blog on Kindle, you have to sign up for an account with Amazon. Kindle is Amazon’s product and they manage or at least vet all the content that can go out on it. Surprisingly, signing up for an account was fairly painless.

Getting your blog on kindle

Once you have signed up, you can simply add your blog to their system. In order to add the blog, you need to supply the RSS feed. So in a way, Kindle is a slightly more sophisticated RSS reader.

You can add information like the blog title and tagline. A description, keywords, category and even screen shots of the blog can be added. I imagine all these things can help get your blog get found on the Kindle service but I haven’t really looked into how this works.

add blog to kindle

Like most things, you want to make sure that you get found for the keywords that you think are important. The blog screen shot may also be important so make it look good or interesting.

Once you have filled in all the details, you can preview what your content will look like on a Kindle. If you are happy with that then you can publish to Kindle. Before my blog could be published, I had to fill in payment details – like Tax numbers and the like. Apparently people have to pay to view the content and you share any of the revenue generated. They don’t have to pay much and you won’t be able to retire on your earnings but there you go. Personally, I’d prefer it if people could access my blog for free.


I don’t know how many visitors you will get from Kindle to your blog. There are many factors that will determine this, like the quality of your blog, the frequency of posts and the general interest in your niche. Whilst the average Kindle reader might not be interested in arcane topics like internet marketing at the moment, the user base is sure to expand and it might come into it’s own in the near future.

Give it a go, what have you got to lose ?

2 Responses to “Publishing Your Blog On Kindle – The K Word”

  • Kevin on May 31, 2012

    Great post. I never realized that I could add a blog to kindle. I’m going to have to do that and see how many visitors I get from it. I have a non Internet marketing blog that I will have to add for sure. Thanks for the tip.

    • admin on May 31, 2012

      Thanks for the comment Kevin.

      It seems like an easy thing to do so see what happens…I’m having problems with the tax number as I don’t live in the States so will have to look into that a bit more.

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