S Is For SEO – What Is Going On With SEO Now ?

What Is Going On With SEO Now ?SEO or Search Engine Optimization is basically about doing the right things to your website so that the search engines like Google rank it highly in their results page (SERPS). As Google still have the lions share of searchers, most people optimize with Google in mind and ranking in the other search engine results pages are a bonus. However Google are forever tweaking and changing how they rank websites which means SEO has to constantly respond to Google’s changes. Given the recent Google changes, what is going on with SEO now ?

The recent Penguin update has focused on on site SEO factors. This is the first time, since the search engines clamped down on meta tag stuffing, that a change seems to be totally focused on on site variables. The change brought much chaos to the results pages and many a webmaster shaking their heads.

The gist of the changes were to not over optimize a web page for a certain keyword or key phrase.

This  means don’t have the keyword in the H1, H2 and H3 tags. If you do, make the keyword part of a larger phrase.

Don’t put the keyword as a text link in the content and link it back to the same page. There is even some debate about linking to the homepage from an internal web page with a specific keyword phrase.

Not much has been said about bolding and italicizing the keyword in the web page but I guess you should be sparing with this too.

The take away from this change, for me at least, is to produce the best content you can on your given topic. Don’t write for the search engines…full stop.

If you are producing good content, the chances are you will be mentioning the main keywords naturally. You will also be mentioning related keywords which will reinforce the authority of the content and may even make the page rank for other keywords. This is what latent semantic indexing is all about.

You should also be producing more content and updating your site more regularly than before the changes in my opinion. This will make it easier for your content to rank as it will probably touch on more long tail, less competitive phrases. It will also become more trusted with Google and be viewed as an authority in it’s niche.

Of course this is exactly what Google wants people to do but since there are only 10 spots on the first page of the Google SERPS people are always going to be looking for ways to exploit the way in which sites are ranked.

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