Should You Be Writing Infotainment Blog Posts ?

Infotainment is the portmanteau of the words information and entertainment and that pretty much defines it. It’s the presentation of information in a way that is entertaining for the person receiving the information. If you have watched much Television news lately, you might notice that the real news items, like say the death of Gaddafi or the election of a new French President, get far less prominence than they used to.

There are more human interest stories, for instance how a family that had all their possessions washed away in a flood is getting on 6 months later. Or personalities or celebrities presenting their view on a story (in the case of news bulletins, usually former news anchormen or women). More news items talk to people about their here and now more so than some event thousands of miles away. What’s more it has an emotional, rather than a factual element to it.

This prompts the question, if national news broadcasters are going down this route, should you feature more infotainment post on your blog ?

Firstly, what is an infotainment post ? For me, David Walker was the first to describe it as a concept and he seems to think this is the only sort of content you should have on your blogs. He even thinks it should be the only type of content on email follows up to any of your subscribers too.

An infortainment post seems to be soft news topics and events like sports, celebrities, gossip, pop culture framed around the message you are trying to get out.

So an example might be writing about a sporting event and drawing some lesson from it that can be applied to your niche or area of interest. For instance, I wrote about Chelsea winning the Champions League final despite all the odds against them doing it. I talked about the inner belief that they needed and how this is a mindset you need if you want to succeed in internet marketing.

The post was a bit long but I think the principle was right. People interested in Chelsea, the Champions league, football (soccer) or sport in general might find this kind article more accessible than something that didn’t involve the sport.

Another example could be the article written on Copyblogger – “The Eminem Guide to Becoming a Writing and Marketing Machine”. This could just be an example of a good headline or be a form of infotainment (or even edutainment – see what I’ve done there ?)

Many people can relate to Eminem or at least have an opinion on him. This reference can bring a potentially dry subject like writing articles off the page for some people.

Popular TV shows and blockbuster movies are also ripe material to be turned into an infotainment message on your blog.

Whilst I’m not sure if all the blogs posts should take this approach, it could break up the style of a blog and make it more appealing to people. If you can make your blog more interesting to people then it worth trying out.

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