The A-Z Blogging Challenge – I’m Up For The Challenge….Are You ?

A-Z Blogging ChallengeA while ago, (just looked back…it was over 2 years ago…crikey, how time flies) I did the Ezinearticles 100 day challenge. Write 100 articles and get them submitted live on the site in 100 days.

Funny thing is, I did it because I wanted an Ezinarticles mug !

The mug (and a few other things like pens, notepads etc.) were the prize if you completed the challenge but I had mug envy !

The good folks at Ezinearticles would send a “Thank You” mug to people in the States whenever they submitted a certain number of articles. But they didn’t do that for people outside of the States, probably because of shipping costs (He’s nothing if not frugal our Mr Knight).

But if you finished the challenge..even if you lived in Antarctica…you’d get a mug. I’d found a loophole in their system and I was going to exploit it for all it’s worth….Mwahahahaahhaha.

I ended up doing 2 of the challenges and got 2 mugs to sate my mug envy (I know, I lead an exciting life).

But even though I got a mug, the real reward I got was how to write articles (well, write articles for ezine anyway).

And heaps of traffic to my sites (this was when Ezinearticles was still Google’s blue eyed boy).

And this has prompted me to try the A-Z Blogging Challenge. I may not get a mug but I’ll learn a lot more substantial stuff if I can complete the challenge.

Principally, I’ll develop a habit of keeping my blog updated. I’ll see what regular content does for getting traffic.

I’ll probably learn how to come up with content ideas too. And I may be able to turn the content into a product at the end.

On the surface, it looks like a tough challenge – write 2 blog posts a day from A-Z and then one after Z day until you have blogged constantly for 60 days. I’ll tell you right now, it’ll stretch me but I have some ideas and I think I can do it.

So the question is, are you game to take on the challenge ?

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