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If your blog uses the WordPress content management system (CMS) then it is fairly easy to customize it to look and do all sorts of things. The theme of the blog lets you do this. Along with plugins, the theme lets you create a versatile website that can function as a standard blog, a membership site, an affiliate marketing site or even a full blown e-commerce site.

In fact, you can do most anything with a wordpress site these days, and, given that there is so much interest in the CMS, new things are being developed to improve it’s functionality all the time.

Attractions Of WordPress

WordPress seems to be very popular these days. If WordPress was a celebrity and we were writing in a gossip magazine, we’d say WordPress is hot right now !

Part of the attraction is that Google seems to like blogs made with this content management system.

They rank these kind of sites.

The love affair may not last forever and as more people use the CMS, Google might modify this interest but for the time being it’s good.

Another attraction to WordPress is that it allows people with no real technical knowledge of html or  php to create professional looking websites.

As the name suggests, it lets the user concentrate on providing great content whilst it manages all the code behind the scenes.

Free And Paid Themes

Wordpress Themes

Good Old Kubrick Theme

The base of WordPress is the same for all sites using it. And it generally comes with a standard theme called the Kubrick theme.

No doubt if you did a search for “Kubrick theme” in Google you would find thousands of blogs that look like this.

It’s kind of bland and most people go onto to modify the blog with a new theme and some plugins.

You can find hundreds of free themes that change the look of your blog. Just type in “free WordPress theme” in Google search and you’ll find plenty of choices.

Here are three sites to get you going :


You’ll be surprised at what you can get. I have a blog that is popular at Christmas, so sure enough I located a Christmas themed theme, complete with a snowman, snowflakes, tinsel, Christmas baubles and all the rest. It makes the site look so much better than a standard theme and maybe even put a visitor in a better mood when the visit it. If anything, it makes the website look professional.

You can even get themes that are relevant to local business markets. For instance, I have a couple of friends that own restaurants and I set them up with a simple wordpress blog that utilizes a restaurant theme. This lets them put up their menu, videos of the meals, restaurant and even has a simple booking system.

Wordpress Profit Theme

Profit Themes Is A Paid Theme

You can also get paid themes but I haven’t used many paid themes. This blog uses a paid theme. It is known as the profit theme. I decided to use this theme as it seems to be quite flexible. It allows you to set up individual sales pages and membership section and heaps of other things. As I don’t quite know where this blog is going to go in the next few years I like this flexibility.

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