What’s The Best Way To Build Your List ?

What's The Best Way To Build Your List ?If I had a penny for every time I heard, or at least read, the phrase “the money is in the list”, I’d be a rich man…if only it was as easy as that. There’s a lot more to making money from a list than many of the articles would have you believe but despite my slightly cynical tone I do believe that it is a robust and potentially profitable way to monetize your internet marketing endeavors. With this said, what are the key sticking points to making money from a list.

Building A List

To paraphrase Lao Tzu, the journey to 1000 subscribers starts with your first subscriber. Everybody starts with zero subscribers or no list at the start. Some people end up with thousands of people on their list whilst others never get more than a few. What’s the secret to building a big list ?

There are plenty of ways to get people onto your list but in general it revolves around giving something away in exchange for the all important email id. If you can give something truly valuable away and do this often enough, you can build a list.

Ways To Bribe….Err Reward Your Visitor

You will see this on countless blogs. They give away a free product that they think visitors will be interested in. Other people simply ask for the email address in exchange for regular updates of their blog posts.

An interesting twist on these two methods is to give out a monthly report of your progress. This is more appropriate in something like internet marketing and the most juicy carrot to dangle in front of people is to reveal your monthly income.

People love to know how other people “just like them” are fairing. It can motivate them and show that you have credibility. Even if you aren’t making much, people will more than likely relate to the guy making 1000 a month than the guy who makes 20,000 a month. And the chances are that there will be far more people in the first category than the second. A journey in progress is far more interesting than  someone looking back on the past.

When you are not in a niche like internet marketing, but are more product focused, you could offer a buyers guide. If you have a website that is focused on a certain product, you should have a fairly good understanding of what to look for in the said product and the kind of questions someone looking to get one will have. Address these issues and you have a buyers guide.

I’ve seen other people offer special discount or coupon codes for the product for anyone that signs up to their list and a promise to keep people updated on any new discounts coming up. This can work too as people that have an interest in a product may like to hear about new discounts.

Other Ways To Build Your List

There are heaps of other ways to build your list outside of offering something for free on your blog.

Again, it involves giving something in exchange for the email id but not from your blog. In fact, you don’t even need to have a blog to build a list.

You could create a free or very cheap product and sell it on a place where people interested in your topic congregate. Using the internet marketing niche again, you could go to forums like the Warrior forum and offer your cheap product for sale. It is also popular to offer your product for free on the forum just to build your list.

You could also offer a product at a Joint Venture Giveaway. You could buy solo ads where you promote your product. You could do ad swaps if you already had a list.

There are heaps of other ways but ultimately it comes down to finding places where your audience are and then offering them something they can’t refuse (without threatening to cut off their prize horse’s head !) This could mean reaching out to other people in your industry that have existing lists or hanging out in forums, getting the word out in ezines. You could even use Facebook and other social media to connect with people.

Of course, being able to build a list is an important skill set to be mastered. But once you have this skill set down, how you treat the list is another area that needs to be mastered if you want to make money with your list.

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