What’s the X-Factor To Blogging Success ?

x factor to blogging successThousands of blogs a born each second on the internet and probably just as many die off. In fact, the chances of a blog lasting more than a year is pretty slim. Why is the mortality rate so high and what is the X-factor to making a blog successful.

In a word, the x-factor is personalty.

So many blogs look bland, read bland and have no personality. They have more consideration about keywords rather than real readers. What they talk about is theory rather than reality. They aren’t doing what they write about.

And before you start saying people in glass houses shouldn’t be throwing stones, this blog is a work in progress.

It could look better, it could read better and I could put more of my personality into it. I’m trying to get it better each day but I am committed to making it work and you’ll be seeing improvements all the time.

So this post is a bit of a manifesto (provided manifestos run to under 1000 words like the big beat manifesto) rather than a look at me…look at me post. Some things I am doing now, others will come in as I have more time.

Alex Jeffries calls this event blogging. On his blog he writes about things that are about new products that he is about to release, events he is attending, hanging out with other “guru” types. I even saw a few videos that he has done. One was a sort of pastiche of the MTV cribs shows where he took people round his rental holiday home in Florida. The other was him dressed in pink pajamas and was essentially taking the piss out of his glamor lifestyle.

These sorts of videos pretty much sum Alex up and let people understand his personality.

The key to doing this in your own blog is to walk the walk as they say. Don’t make it up and just talk about it. Become an genuine authority.

This is the theme to the concept of tribes. Tribes is quite a hot concept at the moment in the internet marketing niche or as an internet term. It is based on, or even coined by Seth Godin the entrepreneur behind Squidoo amongst other things in a book he wrote in 2008.

The definition of a tribe in internet terms is an unofficial community of people who share a common interest, and usually who are loosely affiliated with each other through social media or other internet mechanisms.

His book was not so much on what tribes are but how to lead them. How to become an authority or leader of a tribe.

My view on leadership is to lead by example in your niche and commit to that niche. Using the mechanisms of communication on the internet, like blogs, forums and social media you can connect with your tribe and effectively lead them.

2 Responses to “What’s the X-Factor To Blogging Success ?”

  • Kevin on June 14, 2012

    I’ve been putting a lot of thought into my voice and my brand lately. Especially about putting more of my personality into my writing.

    One of my most successful coworkers has a ver strong personality. You either love him or you hate him. No matter which one you are, though, you can’t ignore the fact that he is very good at what he does.

    I’m thinking I need to take some of that into my Internet marketing.

    I also liked your comment on posting about events. I’ve been trying to make every post on my blog not just another blog post, but a post about something important that shows something more about my life. If I can come across as a real person, then maybe real people will sit up and pay attention.

    • admin on June 14, 2012

      yes, it’s interesting about people that have strong personalities…at least people know what they stand for and even if they don’t agree they can at least respect them if they are consistent. It would be nice to be like this at times but I struggle to see things so clearly or have a strong point of view on an issue immediately. To some extent your coworker must have a marrow or focused view of the world which could be slightly boring in a way. But if you want to get things done being focused seems to be the way to go.

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