Why Should You Frequent Forums – The F word ?

A forum is a place were people go to talk about something they have in common. Before the internet, this might have been a club and it may have been limited to one geographical location where people would physically meet. But with the internet, people can connect virtually, from all over the world.

Forums can be a benefit and a curse to most bloggers.

On the benefit side, forums are good for :

  • Keeping abreast of the latest trends in the niche of interested


  • Making contacts and friends within the industry

Keeping Abreast

If you are trying to become an expert in your niche, you need to know what is going on. A good forum will have experts on different areas of your niche. You can learn from them or find out where they learned what they learned.

If you are trying to create products in your niche of choice, a forum is a good place to get product ideas. People will often post about the problems they are having, looking for advice and help.

By collating the most important questions within your niche or a subset of your niche, you can create a product that people want to buy.

By reading through a forum, you can get a feel for the typical person that frequents it. This can help to draw up a demographic profile of the type of people you should be creating products for.

The more you know your potential customers the better you will be able to empathize with their problems and talks to them in a sales page or however else you try to sell to them.

Making friends and Contacts

You can connect with people on a forum and collaborate on a project of some kind. Often having someone to make you accountable helps you get a project done. Plus two heads can often create a better or big product than one.

Bad Side Of Forums

On the curse side they can be a massive time suck and stop you getting things done. You can spend plenty of time writing a posy on a forum when you should really be doing it on your blog. Or if not writing material for your blog, then producing material that can promote your blog.

I generally only go to one forum. I do this first thing in the morning – it’s like getting the daily news on the internet marketing world. If I see something that I can make a contribution too, I craft a quick post or response. With this system, I only spend a few minutes each day on forums.

In the internet marketing niche, the big Daddy of forums is the Warrior Forum. It is an extremely active forum however I hardly ever go on there unless I get shiny object syndrome and buy a warrior special offer. It’s a bad habit that I have been trying to wean myself off but there is the occasional lapse from time to time.

Outside of the warrior special offers section, the rest of the forum can be very good on some occasions and very bad more frequently. Apparently there are a lots of people on the forum that don’t make much money from internet marketing and can get very frustrated and even angry.

  • Flame wars break out all over the place.


  • Lots of bad advice is given


  • There’s lots of posturing by people pretending that they are an expert on something when they really aren’t.

And, as I say, occasionally a few brilliant posts are made. Guru’s even post on the warrior forum from time to time.

I spend more time on the WordPress Goldmine forum. Unlike the Warrior forum, this isn’t a free forum. I think it costs about $20 a month which is good value. It helps me keep up with the latest trends. People also write about their experiences with a tool or program which can help you make buying decisions. The wordpress Goldmine forum is fair more relaxed than the warrior forum.

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