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The other day I was watching the film “The Next Three Days” starring Russell Crowe. I’m no Roger Ebert so I’ll spare you a review but the interesting thing, for me anyhow, was that Youtube features in the film. There is a scene where Crowe is trying to learn how to break into a car. So what does he do  ? He gets on Youtube and watches a video. Have you noticed how this seems to be happening more and more in films these days? Maybe not Victorian melodramas unless there is a time traveling element to it but certainly in films set in the here and now.

This tells us a lot about how popular the site is at the moment. In fact it is a much quoted fact but   Youtube is the third most trafficked site after Google and Facebook. In fact it has a life of it’s own and is often described as a search engine in it’s own right. If you want to find out about something, you’ll probably find it on youtube these days.

Youtube at number 3 in Alexa top sites

No 3 Acording To Alexa

So with all this traffic or people visiting the site everyday, it makes a lot of sense to have a presence on the site. It’s very easy to get started, signing up is free and you can put pretty much anything up.

If you are trying to turn your blog into an authority (or even yourself) then it makes sense to get your own youtube channel. You can then link it to your site and vice versa.

The channel is basically just a hub where all the videos you create can be accessed. Youtube users can subscribe to your channel so that they will be advised whenever you put up a new video. Also, once they land on your channel to watch one video they may look at others.

As the word suggests, having a Youtube channel opens up another marketing channel for yourself, your products or services.

For instance, you could produce a series of how to videos in your niche to establish credibility  and authority. These could be as simple as screenshots walking through how to solve a problem or you talking to screen. They could even be a mix of the two techniques.

Most people don’t like getting in front of the camera and I’m pretty much in this camp to at the moment but it is a goal of mine this year to overcome this issue. I think it will add further authority and credibility in the long run.

A more direct approach to making money with youtube could be to give a video presentation on a new product or service you are releasing or even review products as an affiliate.

Getting Started Is Easy

For the most part you can produce simple videos for free, with services like Animoto.

I have produced plenty of videos using Animoto as an affiliate for various products. The videos are nothing special, simply pictures of the products and a written review that appears on the screen. Other videos I have produced have a voice over as the pictures are presented. If you don’t like your own voice, you can get voice over artists at places like Fiverr.

Whilst these videos are nothing special, you would be surprised at some of the views I get. One, on Monster high dolls has views over 50 thousand.
If you have a stats package like Statcounter or Google analytics on your site, you can also see how many people have come to your site via Youtube.

If you want to get more serious  about the videos you produce, you want to get software like Camtasia (Camstudio is a free copy of Camtasia but I have never used it). Camtasia is great for videos of screen shots or power point presentation slides.

If you want to start recording yourself on screen, you want to get a video camera. The flip cameras have been around for a while and remain popular but other internet marketers seem to be talking about the Kodak Zi8 as a better option these days. I will be looking at the Zi8 in tomorrows post.

2 Responses to “Youtube – Add Another Traffic Dimension To Your Blog”

  • Simmeon on June 14, 2012

    Hi Adrian,

    Same here,

    I want to start taking advantage of Youtube traffic, but just have not had the *Guts* to get my butt infront of the camera.

    I remember as a test I made a short recording, but delivery is horrid. Im not sure If I can get past that bit.

    Don’t want my readers to get turned off, It’s a bit of a risk if you dont have that warm video voice.

    50k viewers, that pretty awesome. People love watching “anything” really. I’ve used voiceovers from Fiverr aswell, for sales spages but I will not be doing it for my own blog.

    Time for another voice test, I think.

    • admin on June 14, 2012

      Thanks for the comment Simmeon…..I don’t have a voice for radio (or TV) as the saying goes but it’s something that I have to face at some point. I think I will start with tutorials where the focus is more on the content than seemingly superficial things like the voice. Also the ums and arrs in the delivery don’t sound good…I do my fair share of those too.

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