Affiliate Marketing And Not Promoting Products – The Amazing Selling Machine Story

Amazing Selling MachineThe hoo haa and hyberbole about Amazing Selling Machine (ASM) is about to reach a crescendo as the doors close tomorrow.

The product owners and their affiliates are making “one last push” as the saying seems to go to get a few more people over the line.

I’ve been taking an interest in the action as I was actually considering getting the course at one point.

In fact, I attended a webinar the other day that lasted around 2 hours.

At one point they actually announced some people that had joined during the webinar.

Now this could have been a tactic or it could have been genuine (I’m of the opinion that it was genuine).

10 names were mentioned which means that affiliate just earned himself over $15,000 for 2 hours work.

I say 2 hours but I guess he had to do a lot of work beforehand.

Even so, not a bad return, hey ?

It got me thinking about affiliate marketing and how this was done for Amazing Selling Machine…

…and I also noticed some cheeky methods that other people, not promoting the product, did to make a bit of money off it’s back.

amazing selling machine

First up, it looks like the affiliates for ASM were quite exclusive.

I guess that ensures that the product won’t get over saturation to the point of leaving prospects totally indifferent. And if the much quoted statistic that 1% of affiliates make 95% of the sales is true then it makes sense to make it exclusive.

Secondly, their main form of promotion was through webinars…lots of webinars.

I think most people in the biz op/make money online/internet marketing niche are pretty fed up of webinars by now but they must still work if this promotion is anything to go by.

I have noticed that recent webinars (including for ASM) have offered bonuses and cash incentives during the webinar to keep people interested. And as yet, nothing is as direct as a webinar.

And finally, it was a bonus bung fight. The bigger or more outrageous bonus you could come up with the better.

The most common (and I reckon popular) bonus was the “I’ve got your back” bonus. Basically the affiliate will do as much and he/she can to make the new student succeed. This included doing various parts of the required actions for the student or simply being a sounding board to bounce questions and concerns off.

That’s a good bonus as people that spend a lot of money on education want a support structure. But if the course was so good why would you need this extra help ? I guess more is more if you get my drift.

Not Promoting, Just Banking

I noticed a couple of people “sniping round the edges” of the ASM relaunch.

Namely the Proven Amazon Course (PAC). They have had a huge discount on their course that just happens to coincide with the relaunch.

I’m pretty sure that people interested in selling on Amazon who couldn’t afford ASM would seriously think about getting PAC. Not that the PAC people promoted their course during this period but the price drop is quite an incentive to buy it.

proven amazon course
Another guy is actually making his own product – a webinar based on his experience of doing the ASM course and putting his own spin on it. Again, this product is much cheaper than the ASM course itself.

So it’s a clever move if you are in a position to do this.

Both these approaches are essentially piggy backing off the ASM promotion in varying degrees…like launch jacking I guess.

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