Affiliate Marketing Idea – Banking On The Future

Affiliate Marketing Idea – Banking On The FutureCreating websites for future events is a great way to get started in internet marketing. The main reason why it is good is that you will be creating a website with little to no competition. This means you should be able to rank the website highly and get results from your efforts.

This is a major problem for people new to the game. Without some kind of result – a sale here or an Adsense click there, people can lose faith in their own abilities and give up. Too many people give up just before they see some kind of success. As Brian Johnson says, they give up before the magic starts to happen. But if you stick it out and see that initial success, you have surely passed the first hurdle that most also rans stumble at.

So how to you create websites for future events ? Well, I believe lots of people are cashing in on this end of the world 2012 event. There are programs on TV about it. Guys have written books on it and there are plenty of websites that talk about it or sell survival gear and other such stuff. It kind of makes you laugh when you see these authors talking from their library dressed in a fashionable looking jacket. They don’t exactly look like they are planning for the end of the world !

But that is just one example of a future event that is kind of known about years in advance. Other things are anniversaries of some event. Although it might be a bit distasteful, I’m sure some people cashed in on the 100th anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic. In fact, I know that cruises charged outrageous amounts of money for people to take part in the occasion. James Cameron, the director of the Titanic movie re-released it to tie in with the anniversary.

Other future events are sporting occasions. The Olympics are less than a month away. I’m sure people have had websites about the 2012 Olympics going for months or even a year ago. No doubt they will cash in when the event kicks off.

These are all examples but I’ve never tried to take advantage of these sorts of future events. I have taken advantage of movies.

If you do a Google search for future movies or forthcoming movie releases, you will find movies that are set for release 2 years into the future. Create a website now for a movie that will be released next year and you will have very little competition. You won’t have many visitors either but by the time the movie is released and the buzz is out about the movie, you site will be well established and probably ranking high in the search engines.

So how do you monetize a forthcoming movie website. The obvious one is Adsense but I actually prefer affiliate marketing – selling products on the website.

I have had great success selling costumes and even dolls from these sorts of websites. You could also sell other merchandise that is usually released with most films – toys, books, dvds or music.

Of course you want to go for blockbuster style movies. Firstly they will market the film and you will ride along on their coat tails. Secondly, they will have merchandise that you can sell. Better still, you want to look for blockbuster movies that are likely to turn into franchises. Think Transformers, Hunger Games, Twilight, X Men and things like that.

If you create a website based on a movie franchise, the chances are that your website will have a shelf life as long as the movies are being made. In the case of Harry Potter that means around 10 years I think. Not bad.

In summary, I’d say this is a simple way to make some money online. It has it’s limitations of course. The biggest limitation being that you are pretty much reliant on search engine traffic although in my experience if your website is first you get plenty of social media exposure too. And you could even try building a list in anticipation of the event happening but I haven’t personally done this as yet.

So I wouldn’t base your entire business model on this strategy but it is a great way to start and get some experience at building sites and some simple promotional techniques. It could also give you that important success that most people need to convince them that they are doing the right thing and heading in the right direction.

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