Can You Become An Internet Marketing Super Affiliate ?

How To Become a super Affiliate

Promote Products Like A Super Affiliate....Behind The Scenes At A Product Launch

For the record, this is an aspirational post – I am not a super affiliate…if only, but I have had a ringside seat to a recent biggish product launch in the internet marketing niche. The details of who was winning the JV contest and how they had done it were revealed. It made for interesting reading and something you may be able to learn and replicate if you, like me, aspire to be a super affiliate one day. So lets start with a bit of background.

I bought a product a while ago from Mark Ling. He’s a “good guy” as the cliché goes. His products are generally good and he cares about his customers. He is very personable and accountable for the products he creates considering that he runs a company with 70 odd people. In short, he is up front and central when it comes to producing and presenting the content for his products.

Anyhow, he re-released his Affiloblueprint product last week and had a JV contest going on to get a bit of buzz about the product and make sales. Since I had bought one of his past products I got all the emails that he sent out to his JV partners.

It was quite an education on how the top players are actually making sales and getting in the top ten.

You can get this sort of information yourself if you go to and sign up for a few product launches. Be cheeky and as for a few review copies too.

Mark gave a running tally of who was making the most sales and in many cases how they were doing it. What’s more, if you looked up the names of the people at the head of the leader board, you could see what they were doing to make the sales and follow their pre-sell process through.

In many cases, I had to sign to their list to follow the process but can unsubscribe after the promotion finishes.

So What’s The Secret To Success ?

Well, if you have been following affiliate marketing for any length of time, the big secret to success is that’s it’s no big secret. Super affiliates are good because they have the infrastructure behind them to come across as super.

The people at the top of the leader board had run a webinar with the product creator. Most of them had offered exceptional bonuses (although one or two did not, surprisingly).

In terms of warming up they sent their lists the pre-warm up report and video created by Mark Ling.

They also announced that they would be running the webinar with Mark about how to make a full time living from affiliate marketing or step by step blueprint to becoming a full time internet marketer or such like.

This was a live event and there were various bonuses given out. There were fast action bonuses in some cases to trigger immediate action from listeners.

The top guy on the leader board offered

  • his own 8 part course,
  • a live event where you helped people on a topic relevant to the course they were buying,
  • a plugin that he had created and used in his business
  • and some audio interviews that Mark Ling had created..presumably he had a special deal with Mark or these bonuses were available to every JV partner.

Most of the people on the leader board have a blog and the interview and the bonus package were posted on the blog.

During the launch process a re warm up email was sent.

An email about the webinar was sent.

An email about the webinar reply was sent

and a final email announcing that the price was going up in the next 24 hours was sent out.

So a super affiliate has to have a few things in place :

  • A decent sized list and an authoritative blog – all the traffic driven to the promotion comes from his/her list or any traffic that comes to the blog by way of it’s authority in the search engines, social media etc.


  • An account at goto meeting or something similar to create the webinar.


  • Contact with the product creator – in most cases a product creator will do an interview or webinar with anyone promoting their product but I guess if he/she gets 50 requests to do an interview, he/she will pick people he/she knows rather than strangers.


  • A good stable of bonuses – some people offer existing courses that are already being sold, whilst others offer completely new courses. A plugin was also offered. A super popular bonus is a live help session, which also uses the webinar software.

So how would a “mere mortal” do something like this ?

Well, it starts with an authoritative blog and a big or well targeted list. I would say the list is most important but a blog gives you credibility.

These are things that can’t be created over night. A super affiliate is a work in progress for a few years. There is no getting around that.

Starting small is the only way you can start. Try to integrate various parts of the process into your affiliate marketing. When you have one part down, move onto another until you have modeled exactly how the super affiliate goes about his/her work.

Don’t lose sight of your goal though. Building a list can take a while. So can creating an authoritative blog. Always remind yourself why you are doing what you do. This will keep you going when it becomes a struggle.

How would you become a super affiliate ? What would you do differently ?

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  • Kevin on June 7, 2012

    Great informative post. I really like how you broke down exactly what it would take to become a super affiliate. It is interesting how a lot of the “pros” are doing pretty much exactly the same thing. Building your blog and list are important. It’s what these people do with their blog and list that separates them from the rest of us.

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