Christmas Time Equals Toys For Internet Marketers…Well That’s The Theory Anyway

Christmas Time Equals Toys For Internet Marketers...Well That's The Theory AnywaySo Christmas, or rather the Christmas shopping season, is pretty much upon us and all self respecting internet marketers are tweaking their toy or gift websites to cash in on the huge amount of spending that goes on at this time.

You could say that the season officially kicks off on Black Friday (or Cyber Monday in the online world). This is the day after Thanks Giving which means November 23 this year. And about a month until the world ends according to some interpretations of that Mayan calendar…but that’s another story for another blog.

As I am a self respecting and occasionally self loathing internet marketer, I have been tweaking a few of my sites. My main site focuses on toys and I have been steadily adding a few of the “hot toys” for the year to the site each day.

Since the site got slapped by the various Google updates this year, it lost most of it’s traffic and I am still at a loss to work out how to get it back. My current theory or test is just to write good and relevant content and update it each day.

I’m not promoting it in anyway…well I might book mark a few new pages but that’s about it. No article marketing, spinning articles or any traditional promotional strategies.

My focus is purely on good helpful reviews of the products. I have noticed that I am getting traffic with this approach but it’s mainly from Bing and Yahoo rather than Google. But it’s painfully slow and I do wonder if this is what people interested in toys are looking for.

Many toy review websites seem to be big on video reviews these days and I think this is a better content model (well, maybe a video with written content would be the best of both worlds) as you can actually see the toy in all it’s glory.

Things like the size and color of the toy can be instantly conveyed in a video. All the features of the toy can be demonstrated rather than written about. It’s so much easier to watch something being used than have to read about how it is used or works. Plus, if the video has a child playing/reviewing the toy then the viewer can often put their child into the scene, making the video far more emotionally powerful than a plain old video or written review.

Video reviews work but the problem is getting the toys to review. Buying hundreds of toys doesn’t seem like a plan. I’m not sure how easy it is to get review copies. This is something I will be looking into.

Given that I live in Australia, this could be a problem as my site caters to the American market. Anyhow, that’s something to look into. It actually sounds like a fun way to run a website and earn a living – playing…errr, I mean reviewing toys.

Many of these sites also have giveaways of the toys or gift vouchers to get some social interest in their site. I think this is a good promotional strategy as it attracts real people and builds the site as a brand in it’s own right.

People will return to see what is going on and even become a part of the community if the site has a forum or a Facebook presence.

You could also build a list of people based on the giveaways and remind them to come back to your site whenever new content is published or maybe a new contest/giveaway is happening.

It seems to me that this is the real way to develop a review site nowadays as it really helps real people and goes above and beyond what most run of the mill review sites might do. Keeping it real you could say ;) It also gives you a website property that can be genuinely promoted and may even spread virally when people see what’s in it for them.

But at this stage, this is just future thinking.

As of now I am putting up written reviews of the latest toys, hoping to get some traffic and sales. Not the best strategy but for now it will have to do. You should be doing the same too if you have a toy website or something that covers gifts.

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