Easy Paycheck Formula 2 Review – May I Ride On Your Coat Tails Kind Sir ?

Easy Paycheck Formula 2 Review and BonusThe central idea behind the Easy Paycheck Formula 2 is to use other websites authority and traffic to make money. This idea has gathered pace over the past couple of years mainly due to the fact that ranking your own site in the search engines (Google mainly) is now difficult and unpredictable.

In fact, I’ve seen a couple of courses come out recently that talk about the same thing but use different names (Screw95 and the Trinity Code) to explain the concepts. So what is Easy Paycheck Formula 2 all about…here’s my review.

I got the standard product – the ebook. There were various upsells that seems quite expensive to me. The first one was basically the videos that complement the ebook. After that, other upsells seems to be tools that can make it easier for you and coaching. Anyhow, I only got the book.

The main book is huge btw so this review comes in 2 parts. The book is 171 pages long and consists of 6 chapters :

  • Chapter 1 – Prepare for success
  • Chapter 2 – Set up your Webpage
  • Chapter 3 – Jump start your Campaign
  • Chapter 4 – Traffic From Blogs and Forums
  • Chapter 5 – Traffic From Google – Internal links
  • Chapter 6 – Traffic from Google – External Links

Chapter 1 – Prepare for success

This is your select a niche chapter (all how to do affiliate marketing books have this chapter don’t they ?)

She explains what a niche is. Her definition is more product focused. A niche is simply a category of products – Cameras, Baby Strollers..things like that.

When you have a “niche”, you want to look on the internet to see if people are talking about these products.

Being talked about means on blogs and forums. She lists a few ideas to find these places. It’s pretty straightforward – niche with forum after it. And a few other ideas.

If people are talking about your niche on forums or blogs then they are a good option to go for.

Make a note of the forums and blogs as these will be used later on.

Now dig a little deeper into these forums and blogs. Are people talking about specific products, brands or models ? If yes, then you have a product that you can promote.

You can double check how popular the product you found on the forum/blog is by going to Amazon. Look at the rating and seller rank for that product.

Sara lists her ideal criteria for selecting a winning product on amazon (or confirming a hunch from a forum)

When you have a specific product, you need to find keywords for that product. Use the Google keyword planner website to find these words. She list the type of words to go for and the idea number s to look for in the planner results.

She also gives her view on if a product is worth pursuing based on these numbers.

The next step is to analyze the competition. She uses the free version of Traffic Travis for this.

You simply type in the keywords and competing websites (top 10) are returned. Various search engine optimization characteristics of each website are also returned.

This gives you an idea of how hard it will be to rank your web pages in the search engines. But remember that this isn’t necessary to begin with. It’s more of a long term goal.

Finally, she goes through ways to get images of the products you are going to promote.

The chapter ends with action items to take before moving to the next chapter.

Chapter 2 – Set up your Webpage

This is a strange one for me.

Sara advises using free “web 2.0” websites to create the webpages where you are going to sell the products you have selected. She goes on to give detailed instructions on setting up these web pages on Squidoo.

The plus point of this method is that it’s totally free. In fact the whole method is totally free in terms of money.

Another advantage of this method is that sites like Squidoo already have authority in Googles eyes, so it may be easier to rank your squidoo lens (you thus get traffic to it) than your standalone website.

A negative point is that you are pretty much reliant on these web 2.0 sites. If they change the rules, ban your site or go out of business then you are in the brown stuff. This is odd as the whole idea behind this course is to not be reliant on Google.

A better solution would be to host your own blog or website. The cost of this is pretty minimal – $10 for a domain and $8.00 a month for hosting. I’d go for this option myself and setting up a wordpress blog is pretty simple. But as I mentioned, it may be harder to get traction with a standalone site which could be frustrating.

Having looked at the Easy Paycheck forum, I see that Sara says you should start out using Squidoo or some other free site and then move to a paid option. She decided to go this way because

a. That’s how she does it,

b. Everyone, regardless of budget, could use the course.

Chapter 3 – Jump start your Campaign

This chapter is also to do with Squidoo. It’s a way to promote you Squidoo lens (the name they give for a web page) within Squidoo.

Squidoo is a huge platform of millions of lenses and the people that create these lenses are kind of like a community (or social network). So Sara’s idea is to work within this community to launch your lens.

This means visiting other lens in the same niche as you and commenting and liking them. The owner of the lens will hopefully reciprocate the interest and promote your lens. If people are following those lens they will see yours and maybe visit it.

This can also be done by commenting on the Squidoo forum and asking people to critique your lens.

You can also join the various facebook groups that are associated with the Squidoo community. She lists the best ones. Comment in the group and generally get your lens out there.

Easy Paycheck Formula 2 Review and Bonus

Part two of Easy Paycheck Formula 2 Review – promoting your web page

My Bonus

If you decide to get the Easy Paycheck Formula 2 through my link then I will give you a bonus guide on the 10 Rules Of  Promoting On Pinterest. I have been using Pinterest quite a lot recently and it’s sent lots of traffic to my sites. In this pdf guide I show you in 10 steps how to get traffic from Pinterest. It’s easy when you follow the steps.

==>Get Easy Paycheck Formula 2 here<==

If you buy, send me an email with your transaction id and I’ll send the Pinterest guide across to you.

pinterest 10 rules cover

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