Google’s Love Hate Relationship With Affiliate Marketers – It’s Gonna End In Tears !

This is an interesting graphical take on how the relationship between Google and the army of affiliate marketers on the internet has changed over the years. It’s created by the guys over at SEObook.

When Google was a young start up (or should that be upstart), they’d be friends with anyone it appeared…anyone that would spend a bit of money with them anyhow.

Nowadays, those same people or people doing the same thing will probably have their Adwords or Adsense account banned.

I can sort of understand the need to get rid of bridge pages and things that don’t really add much value and merely clutter the internet. I think that affiliate marketing is a good way to start in internet marketing.

It can help you concentrate on various skills you have to know without worrying about having your own product. So it lowers the barrier to entry but ultimately you have to move towards creating your own value or valuable piece of virtual real estate – an authority site of some description.

I see the same thing happening with Amazon. Affiliating to Amazon is still a bit of a buzz in IM circles and you’ll find plenty of courses offering you the secret to success as an Amazon affiliate.

But at the slightest sign of trouble, Amazon have no problem dropping affiliates.

Google now seem to be favoring Amazon sales pages over the little guy affiliate style sites.

Amazon are making their sales pages often better than independent reviews style sites, with user reviews, video reviews andother features to improve the virtual shopping experience.

What will happen to affiliates when the only place you can buy anything online is Amazon ?

Anyhow, here is the infographic.

Google's love hate relationship with affiliates - it's gonna end in tearsInternet Marketing Infographics by SEO Book

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