Screw95 Review And Bonus – Course Is Live, Here’s My Thoughts…

So I got my hot little hands on the Screw95 course and have been avidly going through the videos. I’ve whipped through all of them except the outsourcing one and the forum is too new to give any opinion on as yet.

Screw95 review and bonus offer

Does anyone think that Jay Wessman looks like Robert Smith from the Cure without his makeup ? In fact, has anyone seen both of them in the same room together – no, I didn’t think so. Hmmm…and both seem to like cats ! #lovecats

To be transparent, my Screw 95 review is based on what I have seen in the videos so I haven’t implemented what the course teaches. Implementation would take a few weeks to a month before I could report back and I’m guessing people want to know what the course is all about now rather than in a month or so’s time. I’ll update the post when I get some results in.

So here it is….my Screw95 review. I also have a bonus that will compliment the main course for anyone that decides to get the course through my link.

What’s It All About Alfie ?

The course teaches you how to make small niche sites which Jay describes as semi-brandable. He advises against going into bigger niches as it’s too hard to compete. You go for obscure niches that have little to no competition and are memorable so that they get noticed on social networks.

The sites are monetized by selling physical products as an affiliate.

What You Get      

Screw95 is a video course.

Most of the videos are fairly short – 3-7 minutes mainly which is good. A few are longer – 12-15 minutes.

There are notes under some of the videos but there is no readable pdf guide that could be printed out. I think the course would be improved with a guide that you could read so that you don’t have to watch the videos again and again.

I guess you could take notes as you watch each video, as a solution to this problem (see the bonus).

There are 5 stages and 3 bonuses :

Stage 1: Choosing a niche
Stage 2: Setting Up A Site
Stage 3: Adding Products
Stage 4: Dominating Search
Stage 5: Dominating Social
Bonus 1: Scaling Up
Bonus 2: Case Studies
Bonus 3: Private Forums

Each stage is made up of numerous videos – I counted them up and you have 30 videos in the main course and 7 videos in the bonuses section.

Who’s The Course For ?

I would say that people fairly new to internet marketing/affiliate marketing would get most value out of the course. It covers the very basics like getting a domain name/hosting, setting up a wordpress blog and optimizing it for search engine optimization. Most of this was well worn territory for me as I have a bit of experience in IM.

In fact, I even had issue with some of it – interlinking your site for instance. Many “SEO gurus” advised against doing this when all the Google updates were coming out.

NOTE: SEO is a very “slippery beast” and nobody really knows “what works” and even if they do, what works now is almost certainly not going to work in the future. SEO is a movable feast and Google (other search engines are available) packs the hamper and sets the table.

With this said, the section on dominating the social networks was very good and I learned a lot from it. So if you have experience in IM but have always shuddered at the thought of getting into the social networks (or thought they were a waste of time) (two ticks for me here) then the course will help you.

What’s good about the course ?

Following on…the dominating social media is very good…I have been putting off getting into social networks because it just seemed like too much hard work – I’m spinning enough plates as it is ! But it’s doable after watching the videos…it’s a bit of work but ultimately this can be outsourced.

What’s bad about the course ?

I was hoping that we would get more of an insight into picking winning niches. The niche is vitally important in my opinion and I was hoping that Jay would imbue his stoner sensibilities into the teaching. You get a few ideas by watching the case study videos. Maybe the forum may be useful for this…

I’m Chucking In A Couple Of Bonuses….

First up, I took notes as I went through the videos – cliff notes if you like. This is a 5 page pdf document that summarizes everything in each video, including websites used and things like that. It will be useful as you watch the videos and also as a reference guide as you start to implement things in the course.

screw95 cliff notes bonus

The second bonus is my passive profits guide : This is a short 7 page guide explaining how I make anything from $500-1000 a month promoting Amazon products as a affiliate without doing anything after set up. It compliments the Screw95 course and will give you another insight on creating website promoting obscure products.

screw95 bonus

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Send me a mail with your Clickbank receipt number and I’ll send the bonuses over.

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