Screw95 Review – On The Launchpad..And The Countdown Has Begun.

screw95 reviewFunny how things crop up in your life at times. They say that about books…well a friend of mine said it anyway and it kind of made sense at the time. The right book comes into your life when you need it in some cosmic alignment, serendipity, hippie type way. Maybe that’s just lazy thinking and far too fatalistic…a real entrepreneur would want or need to be IN control…no ?

What am I bumping my gums about ?


And no, that’s not some kind of underground fascist political movement (that’s Screw18)  or dodgy, top shelf men’s magazine (that’s Screw69 ;) ).

It’s a new internet marketing course and it basically means screw the 9 to 5…just like Dolly Parton except without the homespun, southern fried accent. It’s actually got a distinctly Aussie accent as it’s from Jay Wessman of Stoner Bucks fame.

Stoner bucks was a popular course from a couple of years ago. I never actually got the course but it seemed to go down well at the time and developed a following. It was always going to be niche niche as the name implies, it revolved around making money from selling smoking paraphernalia and appealing to the marijuana smoking sub culture.

That’s what I’m surmising anyhow…could be wrong….as I say, I never got the course.

Screw95 is what Jay has learned since Stoner Bucks and it seems to be a bit more mainstream. I’m not sure yet as the course hasn’t been released.

I’ve simply been following his launch buzz and what he has revealed so far looks interesting. When I get the course I’ll be able to give a few more details.

One thing that I have gleaned from the launch buzz videos is that Jay seems to have a unique style – Stoner style ? And I like it. It’s kind of like “I can’t be arsed, so I’ll just tell it like it is” style.

I’ve bought plenty of courses over the past few years and in the end much of it’s the same old same old. So the way it is presented can often make a difference in what you learn or how much you take action. Someone with a  unique style or approach can give you a new insight that inspires you to take action. I think this could be the case with Jay.

Also, the course is all videos so you can “watch over his shoulder” as he does things. I imagine there will be accompanying pdfs.

There will also be some bonuses that involve outsourcing his system and some case studies to reinforce the training. I’m looking forward to going through it when it comes out and I’ll give a proper review then.

Stay tuned…here’s my screw95 review

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