Stuck For Content ? Do This Simple Brainstorming Exercise…

Brainstorming Article ideasContent can be a right royal pain in the rump at times…it takes forever to do and it never stops…a bit like the dishes every night after meal time. Apart from the actual writing, coming up with topics and titles is half the battle.

If this is the battle that you are fighting or re-fighting every week, then why not try this simple brainstorming exercise. Get a sheet of paper and come up with a general topic in your niche.

For instance, for this blog it could be blogging, affiliate marketing or listbuilding. For a health related niche it could green smoothies, supplements or exercise. Of course, it really depends how generic the blog where the content will go is. If the blog was about Diabetes, creating content on green smoothies might not be appropriate but diabetes diet might.

With the general topic noted, write down every letter of the alphabet underneath it.

I did it for blogging for this site  :

Successful Blogging

a – authority
b – branding/blogging
c – content/comments/contests
d – design
e – email marketing
f – follow up sequence/footer/forum
g – guest blogging/google/giveaways/gifts
h – headlines
i – information products/interviews
j -
k -
l – list/list articles
m – monetization/multi media
n – niche/network
o – optin
p – products/product creation/pictures/personality/procrastination/posting/plugins
q -
r – readers/rss
s – social/seo/sidebars/stats
t – test and track/themes
u -
v -
w – writing/wordpress
x -
y -
z -

Then I brainstormed words/themes/ideas for each letter in the alphabet.

As you can see, I struggled to get something for every letter but for some plenty of ideas came up.

This is a challenge that I actually did. I had to write an article a day from A-Z. So as I returned to this list each day, new ideas came to me and eventually I found ideas for the missing letters.

j -  JV giveaway event for promoting your blog (or building your list really)
k – Kindle – how to publish your blog on Kindle
q – Questions as content to get more user engagement with your blog
u – url, talked about optimizing the url to be seo friendly
v – Getting more visitors to your blog
x – X-factor to a successful blog
y – youtube as a way to get traffic to your blog
z -  Zi8 camera review for creating video blog content

Of course you don’t have to write an article each day or post the content in alphabetical order. As a brainstorming exercise, it gives you some ideas that you can expand on.

It also breaks the writing process up into a more piecemeal fashion.

Thinking up a topic to write on…then a title….then doing the research…then the writing slows the process down and makes you have to switch from one mindset to the other. It’s painful and long winded and everyone struggles with it.

Some other tips that can speed up the process :

1.Write in batches. Try to write 3-4 articles in one sitting. Again, this will speed up the process. Once you are in a writing groove, you will be able to write the article faster than if you are “warming up” each time.
2.Piecemeal everything such as the title, research and the writing. For instance, you want to have a notepad of research and points you want to cover in an article before you start writing. Then you just write off the “script”. Again, this is about breaking the process down into it’s parts and batch processing each process. Great time saver and makes you feel like you are really moving forward.
3.Set a goal at the start of the week about how many articles you want to publish by the end of the week and try to hit that target.

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