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Get your Blog Post Read

Is Your Blog Post Tasty Or Moldy ?

Most blogs don’t get much traffic. In fact it wouldn’t surprise me if 95% of all blogs don’t last a year.

A combination of poor planning and waning enthusiasm by the blog owner will see most blogs die on the vine.

One reason this might occur is because people don’t read the posts on the blog. There are many reasons for this, one of which I’ll cover here.

Hopefully it’ll help you write better blog posts and get more people reading.

Would You Rather Consume A Cream Bun Or A Stale Piece Of Bread ?

Despite the fact that you have to read a blog post, it will be easier to read if it is more visually appealing.

As the sub-head suggests, would you be more attracted to a luscious looking cream bun with strawberries and sprinkles on top or a flea bitten, sorry looking crust from an old loaf of bread.

“would you be more attracted to a luscious looking cream bun with strawberries and sprinkles on top or a flea bitten, sorry looking crust from an old loaf of bread ?”

I know the answer for me, and unless you were allergic to dairy products, I’d say you’ll be going for option one.

The same applies to blog posts – craft them for viewing on a monitor and try to make them look a little different to the million and one other blog posts that your visitor is likely to have seen in the past.

Write short parapraphs.

Allow plenty of white space between paragraphs.

Make the article or post scannable.

A huge wall of text will put someone off. They might accept that in a book but not on the internet. They’ll probably click the back button upon seeing such a wall.

“Oops, wrong turning, I’ll take a U turn” goes through their mind. They probably don’t even read the headline.

And that’s another thing, you have to make the headline appealing or inviting. If anything, make a promise to give your reader something in exchange for the time they spend reading your post.

Headlines can be hard to write and the only way you can get better is by doing more of them and getting more experience.

Other than the headline, you want to add other things that make your content easy to read or scannable.

  • Have sub-heading that are appealing.


  • Bold certain phrases that are eye catching or important. You could even increase the font size and put them in quotes.
  • Have at least one picture that relates to the content.

If you can add a caption to the picture even better.

I try to add a bit of humor into the picture with a caption. So the picture is a bit of light relief alongside the content of the post.

  • Lists are another way to make the post scannable and easier to consume.

Break up dense paragraphs with the odd list or two.

So style is important but you also need to have some substance. You need to say something in your blog post or people probably won’t get to the bottom.

All Top Hat But No Tails

Going back to the stale piece of bread, you want the topics of your posts to be relevant and current. You also want them to help your reader. They aren’t about you, although you have to have an element of you in them to establish that you know what you are talking about.

But ultimately, your reader wants to leave the blog satisfied that they have got something of value back from the few minutes they spent reading. If this is the case they may just come back for more.

And on that point, if you can make your reader take some kind of action at the end of the post, you are more likely to get a return visitor or even a subscriber or list member. We are talking about engaging them with your content here.

The more you can get your visitors to engage with you, the better place your content writing will be as they will prompt new writing ideas and even direct you about what they want and need.


So while visually stunning and epic content isn’t the be all and end all of a successful blog (Traffic helps just a little bit) it can certainly help. It certainly helps get a post read which is half the battle in this information overload world of today.

  • What do you do to get your blog posts read ? I’d love to hear what works for you.

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