There’s Something About Gmail…

There's something about GmailSo, the internet marketing world seems to be in a bit of a tizz about the latest changes Google has been making to Gmail.

Even Aweber sent out a mail about it today….I guess that’s not so surprising as email is basically their bread and butter.

Their take on it ? It’s all good…business as usual….people will still look at your “promotions” even if they have to click another tab to see them.

But they would say that wouldn’t they….as I said, email is their business model.

Other people are taking the approach that if you provide good content and have bonded with your readers, they will want to read what you have to say.

They have probably moved your emails to a specific folder and look out for your emails.

That doesn’t really solve the problem but maybe it is a call to action to make your emails more useful or helpful to your readers going forward.

As far as a solution goes, most people are advising their subscribers is to move any emails from them that land in the promotions tab box over to the primary tab box.

To do this is fairly simple :

  • Open the promotions tab.
  • Left click on an email that you want to “whitelist”.
  • Hold the left button down and drag the email to the primary tab box.
  • A beige colored box will appear asking if you want to move future emails from this sender to the primary tab (see below), click “yes”

gmail move1

This will ensure that all emails coming from that sender land in the primary tab box from then on and Gmail users will see the mail when they sign in.


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