4 Tips To Boost Your Alexa Rank

How to increase Alexa rankingThe Alexa ranking is a measure of the amount of traffic coming to a website. For instance, Google has an Alexa ranking of 1 meaning that according to Alexa it gets the most traffic on the internet. From there the number goes upwards for each website, meaning that sites with a higher number get less traffic.

Alexa RankingYahoo is 2, Youtube is 3 and this site is over the million at time of writing.

The all important number for a website is determined by the number of people that visit it that have the Alexa toolbar installed in their internet browser. Alexa store other details about browsers by asking them questions when they download the toolbar. This data can then be used to get demographics on the type of people visiting your website.

So What Is The Alex Ranking Good For ?

Apart from giving your site a universal ranking compared to other websites, what use is the ranking ?

It’s claimed that the higher your ranking the better chance you will get paid advertising to your site. If you have a higher ranking, advertisers will be more comfortable to pay you to put adverts on your site in other words.

Given that the Alexa toolbar is usually only downloaded by webmasters and people in the internet marketing niche, if you are in that niche, the higher your number indicates that you are reaching your target audience.

So if you want to receive these benefits to your site, what can you do to boost your sites Alexa ranking ?

4 Ways To Increase Alexa Rankings

In the spirit of the ranking system, the best way to increase your number is to write content and regularly update your website or blog. Once you have written some content, promote it a bit. This could be by social bookmarking it or guest blogging or any other traffic generation tactic you can think of.

You are trying to get more traffic and the best way to do this is to provide content and tell people about it.

If you want to game the Alexa system somewhat, you can do a few other things.

The first thing is to download the Alexa toolbar  and install it on the browser you use to surf the internet. Visit your site each day and this will improve your rank.

As Alexa isn’t a well known brand, not many people have the toolbar installed in their browser. So you could also encourage your visitors to install the toolbar by writing a post about it. You could also add a widget, like this one that helps to spread the word about the system.


Another way to get people with the Alexa toolbar already installed is to comment on blogs in the internet marketing niche. They are more likely to have the toolbar installed so if they visit your site based on a comment you make, your Alexa ranking will increase.

A slightly more targeted commenting approach would be to search for articles written about Alexa on other websites or blogs. If they are writing an article about Alexa, there is a good chance they will have the toolbar installed, as might their visitors. If any click through to your site based on a comment then you will get an Alexa ranking boost.


So there you have it.

  • You can boost your ranking by writing more content and promoting it.
  • Install the toolbar to boost the rank by yourself
  • Tell people about Alexa and how they can get a ranking for their site.
  • Comment on other peoples blogs and website that you think will have the toolbar installed on their browser.


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