5 Internet Marketing Methods For Success Online (And Off)

5 Internet Marketing Methods For Success OnlineWhen you first get started in internet marketing, it’s easy to become tone deaf with all the noise that other internet marketers make. In fact, I daresay that most new folks to the industry end up with IM tinnitus if they are exposed to all the noise for too long a period. And as real sufferers of tinnitus will tell you, it can be very distracting, annoying and painful after a while.

So here are 5 internet marketing methods to consider when first starting out. My advice would be to pick one and stick to it. Tune out all the other noise and focus on it solely. It’s the best chance you have of being successful.

1.Offer a service to other IMers

If you are new to IM, a great way to get started is to off a service to other online marketers. This could be as simple as writing articles or if you have another skill, like programming or graphical design, then you could offer this service.

This is good because you can be paid for your work and you can also learn from what they are doing and how they run their businesses.

It may even be a way to make contacts in the industry. I’ve heard of quite a few people that have gone to top names in their industry and offered to work for them for free or a nominal figure.

2.Offline marketing

If you offer a service to other online marketers, it can be easy to transition to offline. You simply offer your services to real businesses in your local area.

As you learn more skills these services can be more wide ranging. You could even outsource many of the services. When you do this, you can work on the parts of the process that make you the most money – finding clients. And you are also running a real business as opposed to just working a job, like in the first option.

3.Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is another method that is doable for newbies. It takes the need to create or have a product out of your hands. This means you can focus on other skills needed to be successful. Notably, getting leads and selling. This too can be turned into a business rather than just a job. Most of it can be outsourced as you get more experience.

4.Website flipping

Website flipping is basically selling websites but it’s a bit more than that. It’s a quick way to create a business. You can buy websites that are already making money and make an instant impression in a market. Or you can look for poorly performing websites, fix them up and sell them at a profit.

Whatever you decide to do, it requires seed capital to get started so it may not be an option for everyone. But if you do have seed money, you can be up and running an internet business in a matter of days.

5.product creation

Product creation is the final method and is often the culmination of many of the skills you have learned in the previous methods. Most people have to go through the other methods before they are comfortable creating a product that they will sell.

Others have a good idea and the gumption to put it out there. Some of these folks are lucky and it’s a hit but most people slow burn and pay their dues before releasing a product.

Having your own product is a great goal to set as it sets you at the top of the internet marketing tree.

You can really utilize the power of internet marketing when you have a product to sell. For instance, you can recruit affiliates that do the selling for you or you can partner up with other people in your market/industry.

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