Are You Being Transparent With Your Communication ?

When did the idea of being transparent become synonymous with being honest ? The assumption being that the person is holding nothing back so must be trustworthy. It seems to me that the idea is laced in  irony.

Transparent means you can see through it or maybe there is nothing there…a transparency or cellulose acetate foil is a clear, thin material that is totally blank. Unless you write something on it, nothing will appear but a blank screen when it is placed on an overhead projector. You don’t want to have a nothing there business.

We’ve all seen Clickbank, Amazon  or Commission Junction screen shots claiming to be revealing how much money a certain course makes. You even see videos where the person logs into their account “in real time” (username and password blurred out to protect their dignity or the innocent or whatever).

When people first started doing this in the internet marketing niche (it’s been going on in print since Gutenberg first cobbled a printing press together…he used to make shoes before that….but I digress) it was viewed as a way to be transparent….tantalizingly transparent maybe….but still taking you behind the veil or curtains to see what really happened for the gurus or the playas.

It soon came out that you could fake the screen shots. It was occasionally divulged that some of the videos showing clickbank accounts were not the results of the product being sold but the sale of the product itself if you get my drift. These people had nothing to show or a nothing there business as such.

A better approach would be to show people what they were getting. If the product was a membership site then go into it and show people round. Some people give away the first chapter of a book or ebook. Amazon have an excellent way to look at the content of a book. An interesting technique that has been used in a few products I have affiliated to or bought is to give away the first part of the course.

This might seem crazy at first but if the course is good the people will more than likely buy the rest. They have made a commitment to it and will want to see the end.

I think this is a good way to go about being transparent and it also shows that your business has some substance.

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  • Clare on July 16, 2012

    Hey this is a GREAT blog!! Loving all your content, will bookmark and come back.

    I always wondered how much of the ‘gurus’ stuff was them making money selling stuff on how to make money and how much was for real that they had DONE themselves?!

    I agree, having a good membership site and showing people around it is proof enough :-) I would really love to think that quality will always shine through, but strategy and marketing are SUPER important too :-)

    Best wishes Clare x

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