Are You Drowning In Information Overload ?

Are You Drowning In Information Overload

Avoid Information Overload As Much As Possible

I was listening to an interview between Corbett Barr and Danny Iny the other day about how to get traffic to your blog and at one point they said something that struck a chord with me. They said most people are drowning in information overload and that is holding them back. This really struck a chord with me as I am in that exact position. And it’s very easy to get into it because it nearly always comes from the best intentions.

What is information overload ?

Well, if you are trying to create a successful blog, trying to make your way in internet marketing or anything that you are trying to learn for that matter, information overload is taking too much in without getting anything out. Let me give you a re few examples.

  • Do you have a few informational courses sitting on your hard drive that you got about 75% the way through ?
  • Do you bounce around from one successful blog to another, dropping a drive by comment hear and there ?
  • Do you sign up to one news letter after another without every reading the freebie that was originally given as a bribe to sign up in the first place ?  Or at least skim there the freebie anyhow ?

The thought process that goes on in your head when you do things like this is that you are laying the foundations for your bright new future. You are giving yourself the tools to become a success or hit the goals you have set yourself. It’s a generous act of giving to yourself.

In many cases this generous act is free…simply giving an email address is all that is required….but like the man whose eyes are bigger than his belly having too much of a good thing is ultimately bad for you.

Fetch Me A Bucket

Like Mr.Creosote in the Monty Python movie Meaning of Life, if you subscribe to everything that tickles your fancy, buy heaps of cheap seven dollar “throwaway” courses and read a new blog every day, you could be a wafer thin mint away from disaster.

You should always be learning and growing your knowledge but try to be realistic with your consumption of the information.

  • Only buy one course at a time and go through it and apply it’s teachings. Set yourself a goal to reach after going through the course and resist the temptation to buy others course until this goal is attained.


  • Unsubscribe from people that aren’t sending you information that you need at the current time. If you don’t want to unsubscribe then send their emails to a folder so that they don’t grab your attention every time you look at you inbox. You can always resubscribe in time. They will still be there when you are ready for them.


  • Try to settle on a few blogs to read regularly. Use Google reader and put the RSS feeds from these blogs into Google reader. This will be a quick way to see new content and help you stay organized. View these main blogs once a week via Google reader. Make comments and engage with the owner and the audience as much as possible.


If you never follow through with anything, you can’t give it a chance to work and you can’t grow your own knowledge and experience of the topics you are interested in. So even though drowning yourself in information – the sink or swim approach – might sound like a cavalier idea, ultimately you are setting yourself up for failure.

Sure, take on responsibility and set big goals but try to stay focused on smaller, manageable goals within your grand vision for that bright future.

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