BMR Gets Busted – What Does This Mean For The Future Of Affiliate Marketing ?

Going...Going....Gone !

Wow, a pretty dramatic announcement from the folks over at Build my Rank (BMR) today. Their network of sites has been de-indexed by Google, effectively ending their business in one fell swoop. And you thought you were having a bad day ! So going forward, what does this mean for people that use BMR and similar networks that as yet have not had their collar felt by Google ? Is there a future for affiliate marketing sites and other sites that might use such networks ?

I spotted a really timely post over at Affilorama that canvassed the opinions of a few people working in the SEO industry. Some of those interviewed are big names in the industry and some are a bit more underground but together their opinions make fascinating reading.

The article asks two questions to all the interviewees  :

What types of links should affiliate websites be building this year ?

How would you build links to review pages of an affiliate website ?


And the Answer Is ?

To begin with, those being questioned were not reacting to the demise of BMR when answering but more likely the changes made to the Google algorithm this year. And it comes as no surprise when nobody is quite sure what the exact answer or solution is, that the answer was to be the best.

Have the best content and link to people with influence in your particular niche. Provide genuine value. Beef up the content and link to sites that will not only provide link juice but send traffic too. Do as much as possible to play by the rules. Serve your visitors so that they would link to your site or tag it on a social media site.

More specifically, for content, start thinking about content marketing as a way to produce your content. Content marketing from what I can tell is the type of authoritative content that might come from the owner of a product. It also has multiple forms of media – videos, games, stories around the product.

For links, the most concrete solution was to do guest blogging – provide high quality, unique content to influential blogs in your industry or slightly related industries.

What’s The Take Away ?

Learn more about content marketing.

Put a guest blogging strategy in place for your promotional activities.

Develop few sites with more focus on quality rather than quantity.

My Take On It

If that sort of commitment doesn’t sound too appetizing then find obscure niches that nobody else promotes or find unique angles for your content so there is less competition. But that’s about as easy as finding a Siberian Tiger in the African Savannah.  Nothing is easy when your task is a moveable feast.

What are you doing to build links to your sites this year ?

2 Responses to “BMR Gets Busted – What Does This Mean For The Future Of Affiliate Marketing ?”

  • Noah on May 21, 2012

    Lazy? Now THAT’s a good one. Funny when I had a real job I actually wokerd fewer hours than I do now and was bored out of my mind. Now I do what I love and make a lot more money. It’s not for everyone, but the key in life is doing what you enjoy. And if you can find something that allows you to make, good honest money ethically, then go for it. Anyone who finds a way to make their own full-time income is an entrepreneur.

    • admin on May 22, 2012

      Yes, that’s something that never gets mentioned when people first start out in internet marketing …the buck stops with you. If you don’t deliver you don’t get paid. Where as, if you turn up at work and spend the day playing solitaire, provided you don’t get caught, you’ll still get paid. But as you say, what do you want to do with your time – create the life you have dreamed of or play a computer card game. Time is the most previous thing we have.

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