Getting People To Interact With Your Blog – 2 Easy Tips To Follow

Comments And competitions

Get The Conversation Started

Obviously you want to have an active blog. The way to do this is to update it regularly with new posts but you also want your blog readers to get involved. The best way to get readers involved is to allow people to comment on your posts. This turns a post into a conversation between people rather than just a rant or diatribe on something that is going on in your life.

No Comments  – What’s That All About ?

I always allow comments on my blog and it surprises me why some people don’t allow it. If they are worried about getting inundated with spam then this is a valid point. I use the plugin Akismet on my site and it works brilliantly. It seems to know which comments are worth considering and sends the rest to the spam folder to be deleted in a month. Then I work through the ones that it has set to pending. With Akismet you have no reason to turn comments off.

Another thing that I use is comment luv, keyword luv and no follow plugins. These plugins encourage people to comment on your blog. They reward any comments by allowing the writer to set the keywords that link back to their website. They also ensure that any link juice is passed across if this is something that the writer is interested in.

Run A Competition

Having these plugins on your site encourages comments but an even better solution is to run comment competitions.

I’ve seen this on a few blogs (haven’t done it myself but it’s worth a try at some stage). For instance if the blog owner has a new product out or is launching a new membership they could offer three free copies to the best three comments.

This gets heaps of activity on the blog and can help create a bit of “buzz” about the product.

Other comment competitions offer free physical gifts like video cameras or books.

One comment competition that I entered was for 3 books on Amazon. The post was about the authors favorite business or internet marketing books and  readers were encouraged to share their best books by way of comment.

The blog owner uses a site called to select which blog comment should win. This is a fair way to select the winner but you could also just select the comment that had the most impact on you, in other words, the best comment.

A competition is going to cost you money but it might be worth it for the extra activity generated on the blog. One point to note is that you might want a list or a way to generate traffic to your blog before you run the competition. It might look a little sad if you run a comments competition and only get 2 comments – one from your Aunty and the other from your best mate Dave !


You want good comments because they can spark new post ideas for you. They can tell you what to focus on. They can give you feedback from your blog readers.

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