Google Proof Your Blogs And Websites – Here’s The Best Back Linking Method Bar None

Future Proof Your Websites - Guest Blogging To Get Back LinksThis is not a comprehensive outline on how to survive each and every change that Google makes to the search algorithm. For a start, I don’t know what they are going to do in the future, nor does anyone else so nobody can really give that sort of advice with any certainty. More to the point, this article will talk about guest blogging as the best back linking method you can employ so that you get quality back links but don’t fall out with Google in the process.

Guest Blogging Versus The Latest Push Button System For Back Linking

The reality is that most people hate building link to their websites, consequently there is a never ending stream of systems and techniques designed to make it as painless as possible.

Two of the more recent systems were link wheels and blog networks.

I’ve not seen much success with link wheels using web 2.0 properties for a year or so now. Maybe if you had a private network that you reserved for only a few sites it might still work but not many people have this luxury.

Around April 2012, Google squashed blog networks. They squashed a lot of other things in the process but that’s another story.

Both these systems worked for a while and where easy to use. If you joined a few blog networks you could get hundreds of links simply by submitting a few articles. It was the closest thing to build links on autopilot.

This is where guest blogging differs and why it will probably never be affected by a Google update. First of all, if you do guest blogging (or submitting guest articles) right, Google won’t be able to “detect” it as an automated process and thus won’t penalize it.

Guest blogging involves emailing relevant blogs asking if they would accept an article with a link back to your site. As all blogs are different, as are their owners, the chances of footprints developing will never happen. Each blog will have a unique back link profile.

Moreover, because the whole process of getting a guest article published is time consuming, it’ll probably put 90% of people off. I know it’s put me off for a long time. It’s not an automated solution. And even though there are things that try to automate or at least speed up the process of getting a guest blog published, I would advise that you always do the process manually. Or at least outsource your manual process to someone else.

This will ensure that you don’t have similar link profile to hundreds of other blogs and get high quality back links to your site.

And provided back links stay as a measure of popularity for websites in the search engines, this method will be your best bet against any future changes Google may have.

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