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Hello and Welcome

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Hello and Welcome to the AdrianWhittle.com

This blog is all about my efforts to create a sustainable and fulfilling business online. As the saying goes, many may be called to this industry but few actually make it. You hear figures bandied about how 90% (or is it 99%) of the people that try to make money online fail. So this is my journey, and, if the previous figures are accurate, it could be an eventful one.

In the blog I will discuss ways in which I am making money and the steps I am taking to create a business.

I believe that there are two distinct ways to make money online. The passive method is about creating websites that rank highly in the search engines and earn money with little to no input from you after the creation process is over.

These are niche sites that are fairly easy to rank and have fairly minimal competition. Once you rank the site, it pretty much stays there and all you have to do is submit an article or get a couple a backlinks every now and then. The income for a site might be as little as $30 a month or even better but the key is that you have to make more than one website. Ideally you want about 10 or more. And depending on your income goals, you may have to make more than 10.

Over time you will add new content to these sites and add back links to them sporadically. And over time the income will grow for each site.

This is a great plan as it gives you a passive stream of income. You can do other things like work on other businesses, spend time with your loved ones or indulge in your favorite hobby while the websites are making your money.

However the main drawbacks to this method are that it takes time (you are basically relying on SEO traffic). And presuming that each site is in a different niche then you need to do quite a lot of research to set up all the sites. Too many people give up or lose interest before the passive benefits of the websites really kick in as explained in the next paragraph.

You see, the main focus of these sites is just to make money. This is all well and good when they are making money but if this is the only motivation that drives you, it may become hard to sustain your efforts. For instance, if you have worked on a site for 3 months and not seen a red cent (or maybe you have only had a trickle of money from it) there is a good chance you will lose interest in it. Many people have this problem and it is a key reason why many people fail at internet marketing. As Brian Johnson puts it, “Most people don’t fail at internet marketing they just give up before the magic happens”.

The second method gets round these problems but is more hands on. The second method requires that you focus on one niche. You identify the people within this niche and then serve them. Your purpose and motivation is to solve their problems within this niche.

The human interaction and the sense of purpose that you get when solving peoples problems and helping them achieve their goals will be a better motivator than simply wanting to make money. This might not make sense to you but believe me it is true.

The downside of this method is that you have to know the niche you go into. You have to understand the people in the niche and you have to commit to it. This is not a problem if you have a genuine interest in the niche.

The other downside is that it is not a passive process. You have to get involved. You have to show your face. You have to become someone that people know, relate to and trust. You have to become an authority in that niche (which is not as hard as you might think).

Since I have been doing internet marketing for over 4 years, I have developed a number of niche websites that deliver passive income to me.

This blog will cover how I did this, how I keep these sites going, the tools I use to get back links, new niche sites that I may create and the general day to day business of keeping them going.

As I have also been through the whole internet marketing process and gone through countless information products, training courses and programs to make internet marketing easier, I feel I am also well qualified to give advice and help to people keen on getting into it.

So I will also concentrate on this one niche as my purpose so to speak. I will try to help people succeed in their internet marketing endeavors as much as possible. This blog will be the central point for this.

Please feel free to comment on the blog and if you have any question on internet marketing then ask away !

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