How Do You Further Your Internet Marketing Knowledge ?

I’ve been reading a bit about infotainment recently and it got me thinking about how IMers further their knowledge about internet marketing and marketing in general.

Infotainment is information dressed up as entertainment to make it easy to consume but finding the balance between providing solid information about a topic and making it fun to consume is quite hard to do. Some people that practice it even contend that infotainment material is more about the fun than the information.

It is essentially a tidbit that leaves the consumer wanting more. As most people are overloaded with information resources, breaking through the overwhelm with an appealing style is more important than the substance of the message (within limits of course). This is also referred to as “dumbing it down” by people that are critical of this approach (and college professors too ;) ).

I’m digging the style at the moment as I can really identify with the information overload. This really applies to internet marketing and marketing in general for me. I will spend the whole day working or reading “marketing” type material and never read anything else. Often pitches that people are making at me.

I used to read quite a bit of fiction and other materials, but at the end of the day I find that I’m “all read out” and struggle to read anything else.

Brand Kardashian

That’s why I like the Gruen Transfer. For me it is perfect infotainment for people interested in marketing, advertising and persuasion techniques. It’s fun to watch and you feel like you are really learning something by watching it.

The thing I also like about this program is that you can also use some of the information discussed in these programs to formulate your own infotainment material – notably posts and emails.

It’s well worth watching when on TV but of course all the best bits are on youtube too. I like to watch one or two during a break or when something is uploading/downloading or such like.

It’s a way I further my marketing knowledge ad it’s a bit of fun too.

How it all began and what Gruen actually means…

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