How To Automate Your Blog Posts To Your Twitter Account

There is more emphasis on using social media as a way to get your message out than every before. The  three most influential social media tools or sites are Facebook, Twitter and Google +. But keeping these sites updated alongside regular blog content and all the other things you have to do each day can be a problem. You are probably already stretched for time as it is so one way to get round this is to automate the process.

Using Twitterfeed

A good service to automate blog posts is Twitterfeed. Whenever you make a new post, Twitterfeed will automatically send the title and a link to the post to Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin.

For the time being, I am only interested in sending my posts to twitter but it would be fairly easy to add Facebook into the mix and I plan to do this shortly.

To begin with, you need a twitter account, so set that up if you haven’t got one yet.

Then sign up to Twitterfeed

The first step is to add your Blog URL or the blog RSS feed.

Automate blog posts to Twitter
Go to step 2, this will ask you which services you want to coordinate. You can click each button and it will allow you to set up the account ids and give Twitterfeed authority to make posts to those accounts.

Automate blog posts to Twitter - step 2
When you have filled in all the services you want to use, go to step three which gives you a summary of what you have done.

Automate blog posts to Twitter  - step3Click save and you are done. From that point on, any posts you make will be tweeted or posted on Facebook by the services.

You can also go to the advanced setting to change the frequency that the Twitterfeed service checks your blog for new content. You can also change the type of tweet that is made – title, title and description etc.

Connect With Other People

Once you have set your own feed up, you might want to add new feeds from other blogs that you follow or find interesting. In this way whenever the blogs owners make a new post, it will be tweeted on your twitter account.

This can add a little variety to your account and keep it fresh if you don’t post often yourself.

If you notify these people that you are retweeting their posts, it could also encourage them to take an interest in your tweets or blog.

To notify the people making the posts, simply add an @twittername as a suffix or prefix to the retweet in the advanced settings of your Twitterfeed set up. Where twittername is the twitter id of the person making the blog posts

twitterfeed advanced

This could develop into a joint venture partnership or at least let you connect with famous bloggers.

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