How To Wean Yourself Off Warrior Special Offers

How To Wean Yourself Off Warrior Special Offers

Is Buyers Remorse A Common Sensation When You Buy WSOs ?

So although I said (to myself – I talk to myself a lot these days, it’s a worry, I know) I would resist all temptations, I bought another WSO or Warrior Special Offer the other day. There were some extenuating circumstances. I had been thinking about getting this WSO for many months so it wasn’t completely impulsive.

It had been on my mind for a while and the other day seemed to be the right time to get it as I was thinking about doing what the product claimed to teach. So it wasn’t “shinyitis” as such but as you can probably guess from the tone, I wasn’t that impressed with the product. My buyers remorse was kicking in pretty soon after I purchased it. So this got me thinking, how can you really kick the buying Warrior Special offers habit ?

The annoying thing about this product was that it was about creating information products. Whole sections were devoted to how to increase “perceived value” of your information product with examples  taken from the exact product I was reading.

The problem with perceived value is that it isn’t exactly actual value. Perceived value can pad out a sales page and make something seem more than it is but when it comes down to the meat or the real value, this product was just the same old regurgitated information. It was merely “packaged” and “positioned” differently.

Of course, my poor experience wasn’t completely down to the product. It was put together in a professional manner and there were bonuses here, there and everywhere. It’s safe to say that if I didn’t have a clue how to produce an information product, this product might have been quite helpful.

My poor experience with the product was partly or even mainly down to me. I have read a few products on how to create information products. I’ve read many blog posts on how to do it. I’ve attended free webinars that show you how to do it. I’ve read forum threads that talk about creating products. I know how to do it…it’s just that I haven’t done it. That’s really my problem.

Buying this product was me saying I need a different slant on this information product creation problem I am having that can make me take action. Maybe this guy can provide the different slant.

The truth is folks, once you know something, the chances of someone putting a different slant on something enough to make you take action are slim. If you want to wean yourself off WSO’s then you need to work this out.

If you know something about a certain skill or if you have read how to do it before, you pretty much have everything you need to take action on doing that skill. After that, you will learn far more about that skill set by doing it (and possibly even failing at it) than reading another product.

But you, me and everyone else continue to buy. Why ? Get in the game rather than standing on the sidelines watching other people have a go. Every information product or WSO that you buy is just someone else “having a go”….isn’t it about time you had a go ?

One positive I took from this WSO was how he marketed the product to me and what made me buy. Whenever you buy something ask yourself what made you buy and analyze the marketing that went into it. Given that he talks about it in the product, it’s quite easy to fathom out.  Use these lessons in your own marketing in future…or turn the experience into a blog post :)

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  • Gerald on June 8, 2012

    Hi Adrian, I can certainly relate to what you are saying in this post. I have bought more than a few WSO’s in the past. Many of them are just lying on my hard drive gathering virtual dust. I must say that I have sort of weened myself off them. I will now only buy a WSO if it is related to something I am busy with and only if I trust and know the creator of the product.


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